Originals (Rosie & The)

Originals (Rosie & The)

– Angel Baby/ Give Me Love (Vocals by Blueford Wade), ’60 (Highland 1011)

– Angel From Above/ Why Did You Leave Me, ’61 (Highland 1025)

– Lonely Blue Nights/ We’ll Have A Chance, ’61 (Highland 1032)


Originals as Rosie (formerly with The Originals) – Lonely Blue Nights/ We’ll Have A Chance, ’61 (Brunswick 55205)


Originals as Rosie – My Darling Forever/ The Time Is Near, ’61 (Brunswick 55213)


Rosie & The Originals are not connected to the Sonia Rivera Originals (also on Brunswick) nor is there any connection between Rosie and Pearl McKinnon (Kodaks/Kodoks & Deltars) or Gil Valentino (Sonia Rivera-related.)


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