Orchids Groups

Orchids (Unknown Group)

– Oh Why/ All Night Baby, ’53 (King 4661)

  • B-side title correction.

– I’ve Been A Fool From The Start/ Beginning To Miss You, ’53 (King 4663)


This is not the Chicago group recording for ‘Parrot.’


Orchids (Newark NJ) – My Story/ Darling Is It True, ’54 (Savoy 964-unreleased)


Briefly, this group was the Gentlemen recording as the Orchids, a name they had used previously.  Because of the ‘King” group, the Orchids on Savoy abandoned the name.


Orchids (Chicago) (ref Gilbert Warren)

– You’re Everything To Me/ Newly Wed, ’55 (Parrot 815)

– I Can’t Refuse/ You Said You Loved Me, ’55 (Parrot 819)


Orchids (Chicago Label) as Vocal: Dick Bardi (Vocal Acc The Orchids) – Stormy Weather/ The Hard Way, ’55 (Maestro 409-410)

  • Other pressings are as: Dick Bardi & The Orchids.


The difference in styles and vocal backups between the Parrot and Maestro releases, does not sound like the same group of Orchids.  Confirmation??


Orchids (New Haven?) – Good Gully! {I}, Soft Shadows {I}, ’61 (Wall 549)

  • w Leroy Kirkland Orch.


Orchids (Unknown Origin) – I Don’t Think You Missed Me/ We’re In Love, ’62 (Harlow 101)

  • Book listed with the Orchids (New York) group.
  • Girl group.

B-side scan found is white writing on a black label.  Some say A-side title is ‘I Don’t Think You Missed Me Last Summer.’

There are also scans for Harlow 101 (Black writing on yellow label) for ‘What A Pleasure/ Please, Please Baby credited to Dick Pace.

The ‘Harlow’ name on both issues looks the same.


Orchids (New York)

– That Boy Is Messin’ Up My Mind/ The Harlem Tango, ’64 (Columbia 42913)

– Tell Me A Story / From Bad To Worse, ’64 (Columbia 43066)

– Christmas Is The Time To Be With You Baby / It Doesn’t Matter, ’64 (Columbia 43175)

– Love Is What You Make It / Good Good Time, ’65 (Roulette 4633)


as Honey Bees – Some Of Your Lovin’/ You Turn Me On Boy, ’65 (Fontana 1505)

  • This Carol King group of Honey Bees is the Orchids who recorded for Columbia.
  • There is a posting on the subject by New Jersey DJ Richard Sibello at (ontherecordshow.blogspot.com.)  In his blog archive, scroll to Sept 2012 articles to find Sibello’s Honey Bees article.


3 thoughts on “Orchids Groups

  1. orchids on parrot had a few unreleased sides that came out much later and are good I was not sure about the savoy group and it was never issued in the fifties though it may be the same group on checker now oh why sounds like a east coast group sounding west coast since the robins were the group that did oh why first.

    • A link has been added to the The Orchids group on Savoy to clarify the post.
      Thanks for your comments about them and the other Orchids groups.

  2. my story obviously is not the nutmegs side, and if the gentlemen recorded as the orchids on savoy I have an idea of what it sounds like but can’t be the same side the sycamores on groove did as darling is it true 1955 great side, gentlemen were on apollo and on the jubilee label fat man humphries and the 4 notes recorded is it true not sure if it is the same song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aXelux3a9c link to the gentlemen from newark nj doing Im tired. with a few comments

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