Orbits Groups

Orbits (Flair-X Group) – Message Of Love/ I Really Do, ’56 (Flair-X 5000) (Kenneth Newkirk-writing credits.)


Orbits (Mississippi) (ref George Jackson) – Who Are You/ Mr Hard Luck, ’57 (Argo 5286)


Orbits (Tennessee) – My Rosa-Lee/ Hyena {I}, ’58 (Friddell 102)


Orbits (Minnesota) (ref Tommy Lee) – Queen Bee/ Darlin’, ’59 (Space 1116)


Orbits (Philadelphia Label) – Knock Her Down/ My Love, ’59 (Nu Kat 116-117)


Orbits (LA) (Lee Collins & The) – Tell Me Baby/ Two Crazy Scientists, ’6- (Dooto 601) (Dates vary between 1960 and 1963.)



Orbits (NY-Seeco) (Bobby (Groccia) & His) (Huntington, NY)

– Felicia/ Bandstand Dancing, ’59 (Seeco 6005 & Seeco 6067, ’61)

– Teen Age Love/ What Do I Say (When I’m Close To You), ’59 (Seeco 6030)


Orbits (NY-Gone Label) (Bobby (Glenn) & The) – Your Cheatin’ Heart (No Group)/ I Don’t Stand A Chance, ’62 (Gone 5126)

(No scans found.  Have not heard either side.  As well, both sides listed on rcs-discography.com/rcs/artist.php?key=glen2100 asby Bobby Glenn.  Book links with Seeco and Jamco group.)


Orbits (NY-Jamco) (Bobby Grayson & The) – I’ll Follow You/ Look Over Here Girl, ’63 (Jamco 105)

(B. Groccia-writing credits.  No info credits that Groccia used the pseudonym Grayson.  However, both Bobbys sound alike.  Can anyone confirm, yes or no??)


Orbits (NY-Seeco) (Unverified BB) as Lani Zee – Funny, Funny, Funny/ Sea Tides, ’61 (Seeco 6074)

The book listed the Seeco Orbits as the BB.  The group members, Maryjane Groccia, Joe Boccia & Joe Di Bartolo give instrumental backing to Bobby Groccia, but not a vocal prescence.

Many sources say BB is The Caslons who recorded on Seeco #6078.  Producer is same for Lani Zee and Caslons issues.  The Caslons sound like they could be the BB on the Lani Zee songs.)



Orbits (Williamsburg Md) (Johnny Lyndon & The) – My One Desire/ Bill Bailey (Whiteley 4282)

(Label info: recorded at Ken-Del Studios, Wilmington, Delaware.  Williamsburg Md is the label location.)



Orbits (Don-J Group) – I Need You/ I’m Home (Don-J 48798) (Instrumentation by Rockin Royals)


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