Nu-Tones Groups

Nu-Tones (CA)

– Goddess Of Love/ Niki Niki Mambo, ’55 (Hollywood Star 797) (No b-side scan.)

– Believe/ Annie Kicked The Bucket, ’55 (Hollywood Star 798)


Nu-Tones (CA) – Believe, ’55 (Hollywood Star 798)

by Johnny (Dragnet) Hill (Vocal-Piano) – Your [sic] No Barkin’ Dog, ’55 (Hollywood Star 798)

(See comment.)


Nu-Tones (CA) as Nutones – At Midnite/ Beans ‘N’ Greens, ’56 (Combo 127) (Info on youtube is: ‘Don Ballard is the lead tenor.’)

(Book listed group as Nutones.  Nutones is used on the West Coast Vocal Group Teasures Vol. 1 CD.)



Nu-Tones (NY) (Terry Daly & The) – Why Did This Happen/ You Don’t Bug Me, ’58 (Mark 122) (Book listed as Nutones.)



Nu-Tones (Spin-Time Group) – Teen-Age Heart/ Guitar Shuffle {I}, ’59 (Spin Time 1001) (A-side scan found.)



Nu-Tones (Unknown Origin) – Jump, Figaro Jump/ I Never Dreamed, ’58 (20th Century 75030) (Scans found as #5030.  Book listed label # as 75030.)



Nu-Tones (Chicago Label) – Sharon Lee/ Fell In Love For The Very First Time, ’61 (Cha Cha 716)



Nu-Tones (Houston) (Vocal Hal Tomas) – Love Me All The Time/ Time And Again, ’63 (Dart 135) (Book listed as Nutones.)



as Nutones (White Group)

– Can’t You See (Relic LP 5036 (2-2)) (Artist credit isas Newtones (Nutones) on this title.)

– Come On (Relic LP 5036 (2-9))


as Nutones (Black Group)

– I Remember The Nite (Relic LP 5036 (2-3))

– We’re Going Steady (Relic LP 5036 2-8))


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