Notes Groups

Notes error – One More Time/ No Room For Your Kind, ’56 (MGM 12421)

  • The scans credit the songs to Andy Starr.


Notes (Philadelphia)

  • All sides were recorded as the Four Notes but unreleased.

– Don’t Leave Me Now/ Cha Jezebel, ’56 (Capitol 3332)

– Trust In Me/ Round And Round, ’56 (MGM 12338)

  • ‘Round And Round’ is a completely different song than the Andy Starr (Arkansas) rockabilly title of the same name released on MGM 12364.
    • The book listed Andy Starr’s ‘One More Time’ (MGM 12421) under this group of Notes.
      • The backing group on the Andy Starr releases was The Strikes (Texas) who were uncredited.
  • The Notes (Philadelphia) are unconnected to Andy Starr or the Strikes.


Notes (NY) (Reed Harper & The)

– I Miss You So/ Sweetheart Of The Prom, ’58 (Smart 1001 & Vic 0328)

– Three Charms/ It’s Worth Remembering, ’60 (Luck 105)


Notes (Texas) (Vocal Cecil Moore) – GI Blues, ’59 (Sarg 177)

Notes (Texas) (Vocal Charlie England) – Little Girl, ’59 (Sarg 177)


Bebo Singleton (w Jeff & The Notes (Syracuse NY)) – The Shrine Of The Echoes/ Feeny Jones, ’59 (Stentor 101)