Notes Groups

Notes (Philadelphia) (All sides were recorded as the Four Notes but unreleased.)

– Don’t Leave Me Now/ Cha Jezebel, ’56 (Capitol 3332)

– Trust In Me/ Round And Round, ’56 (MGM 12338)

(Round And Round is a completely different song than the Andy Starr (Arkansas) rockabilly title of the same name released on MGM 12364.  The book listed Andy Starr’s ‘One More Time’ (MGM 12421) under this group of Notes. The backing group on the Andy Starr releases was The Strikes (Texas) who were uncredited.   The Notes are unconnected to Andy Starr or the Strikes.)



Notes (NY) (Reed Harper & The)

– I Miss You So/ Sweetheart Of The Prom, ’58 (Smart 1001 & Vic 0328)

– Three Charms/ It’s Worth Remembering, ’60 (Luck 105)



Notes (Texas) (Vocal Cecil Moore) – GI Blues, ’59 (Sarg 177)

Notes (Texas) (Vocal Charlie England) – Little Girl, ’59 (Sarg 177)



Bebo Singleton (w Jeff & The Notes (Syracuse NY)) – The Shrine Of The Echoes/ Feeny Jones, ’59 (Stentor 101)


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