Notations Groups

Notations (Cincinnati OH) – What A Night For Love/ Chapel Doors, ’58 (Wonder 100 & Jason Scott 3, ’80)

(Label # correction for Jason Scott.  Based on their sound, this group appears unconnected to any other Notations group.)



Augie Rios & The Notations (Long Island Label) – I’ve Got A Girl/ There’s A Girl Down The Way, ’63 (Shelley 181)



Notations (Union City NJ) – On The Other Side Of The World/ I Just Want To Know, ’65 (Clarity 106)

(Book listed as Noblemen.  This Notations group is a different group than the Acapella quintet on Relic.)



Notations (New Jersey Quintet) (gms: Arnie and Ed Roth,Jackie Davis,Ben McKinnon and Dickie Harmon.)

– Danny Boy/ You Can Run (But You Can’t Hide), ’65 (Relic 1019)

– Lost Love, ’66 (Relic LP 104 A03)

– For Your Precious Love, ’66 (Relic LP 104 A10)

– Kentucky Babe, ’66 (Relic LP 104 B08)

– When I Fell In Love, ’66 (Relic LP 105 A04)

– Hang On Sloopy, ’66 (Relic LP 105 B02)

– My Foolish Heart, ’66 (Relic LP 108 A01)

– Peace Of Mind, ’66 (Relic LP 109 B06)


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