Nomads Groups

Nomads (CA) – The Perfect Crime/ Paris After Dark, ’58 (Balboa 006 & Josie 851) (Balboa is a California label.)



Nomads (Detroit) (Music by The Capitals) – You’re The Only One/ Heart Attack, ’59 (Northern 503)



Nomads (New Rochelle NY) – Desert Tramp/ Bounty Hunter, ’61 (Rust 5028) {I}



Nomads (NY) – Tell It Like It Is/ Rainbows [sic] End, ’63 (Josie 905) (This is a different group than on Josie #851.)



Nomads (NYC) (Ben Atkins & The) – Love Is A Beautiful Thing/ Love Is A Beautiful Thing {I}, ’68 (Goldwax 336)



Nomads (Seattle Label) (Woody Carr & The) – Cryin’ Town (Mari 451) (Book listed under Chessmen.)

Nomads (Seattle Label) (Barbara McBride & The) – The Only Reason (Mari 451) (Book listed under Chessmen.)


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