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Nobles (Sapphire Group) – Do You Love Me/ Who’s Been Riding My Mule, ’56 (Sapphire 151)

  • Who’s Been Riding My Mule appears on Crystal Ball Records (Doo-Wops From Chicago) # 60290.
  • An ad promoting the release locates the Sapphire label in Chicago:

Sapphire Record Co.

32 No State St, Chicago, Ill.


Nobles (Connecticut)

– Poor Rock ‘N Roll/ Ting-A-Ling, ’57 (Klik 305, Times Square 1,’63 & Lost Nite 153)

– Why Be A Fool/ The Search, ’63 (Times Square 33)

– Crime Don’t Pay/ Darkness, ’64 (Times Square 12)

Oh Baby, ’76 (Robin Hood 136)

  • This was a Klik-Unreleased before Nicky DeLano joined the group.


Nobles (Connecticut) (Nicky & The) – School Bells/ School Day Crush, ’58 (Gone 5039, Times Square 37, ’64 & Relic 544, ’66)


Nobles (Connecticut) error – Schoolhouse Rock/ A Way To Tell Her, ’58 (End 1021)

  • The End release is by Nicky De Matteo.
    • De Matteo is from Philadelphia.
  • Since the Roulette GG-59 label scan of Schoolhouse Rock claims to be a reissue of the original End #1021, it is miscredited asby Nicky & The Nobles.
    • The teenage sounding Nicky DeLano/Nobles is a different person than Nicky DeMatteo.


as Timbres – Oops, Oh Lawdy/ Stop Crying, ’58 (Cupid 1002)

as Timbers – Oops Oh Lawdy/ Stop Crying, ’58 (Tee Gee 101)

Nobles (Massachusetts?) – Oops Oh Lawdy/ Stop Crying, ’58 (Tee Gee 101)

  • No scans were found.


Note:  The book listed the ABC-Paramount group of Nobles and the Tee Gee group together.  In addition, they linked the entry to the Timbers on Cupid (Massachusetts).

  • There are scans for the Nobles on ABC-Paramount, with the Tee Gee 101 and Cupid 1002 asby The Timbers/Timbres.
  • None were found asby The Nobels on Tee Gee 101.
  • I heard a soundbite for ‘Oops, Oh Lawdy’ and ‘Standing Alone’.  Both The Timbres/Timbers and Nobels sound like the same group.
  • Additional info is welcome.


Nobles (ref Timbres/Timbers)

– Till The End Of Time/ Standing Alone, ’58 (ABC-Paramount 9984)

– Just For Me/ To Me, ’59 (ABC-Paramount 10012)


Aki Aleong – Trade Winds, Trade Winds/ Without Your Love, ’61 (Reprise 20,021)


Aki Aleong & The Nobles (Calif) – Body Surf {I}/ Mary Ann (Come Surf With Me), ’63 (Vee Jay 520)


Aki Aleong & The Nobles (Calif) – Come Surf With Me LP, ’63 (Vee Jay LP 1060)

A-Side:  Miserlou, Earthquake, Body Surf, Apache, Surf Beat, Panic.

B-Side:  Mary Ann (Come Surf With Me), Pipeline, Torture, Gun And Surf, Hiawatha, Surf Rider.


The Nobles gms:  Aki Aleong (vocals), Ralph Geddes (lead guitar), Paul Geddes (bass), Marty Smith (rhythm guitar), Rick Gardner (drums), Ron Smith (piano), (drums).

  • Confirmation needed.


Nobles (Chicago) (ft Sollie McElroy) – Serenade, ’62 (Stacy 926)

Nobles (Chicago) – You Ain’t Right, ’62 (Stacy 926)


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