Nobelmen/Noblemen & Noblemen 4 Groups

Nobelmen (Milwaukee-Illinois Label) – Dragon Walk {I}/ Thunder Wagon{I}, ’59 (USA 1213)


Little Sirr Ryland (w Chorus-The Echoes & Orch-The Nobelmen) – My Worried Lover/ Me And My Dreams, ’59 (USA 1214)


Nobelmen error – Sleep Beauty Sleep/ He Won’t Tell, ’59 (USA 1215) (Label scan isby the Echoes.  Because of association with #1214, it is possible the Nobelmen were the BB.)


Nobelmen as Noblemen – Dirty Robber {I}/ Forever Lonely {I}, ’60 (USA 1222)



Noblemen (NJ)

– Beautiful Tonight/ Just You (Clarity 102)

– All The Love I’ve Got/ Everytime (Clarity 103)


Noblemen (NJ) error – On The Other Side Of The World/ I Just Want To Know (Clarity 106) (This is by the Notations.)



Noblemen 4 (PA)

– What’s Your Name/ Get Out Of My Life Woman, ‘66 (Recap 291)

– I Can Hear Raindrops/ Hang It In Your Ear, ‘66 (Recap 292)

See for much more about this group.


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