Nitecaps & Nightcaps

Nitecaps (Detroit)

– A Kiss And A Vow/ Be My Girl, ’55 (Groove 0134)

– Tough Mama/ Sweet Thing, ’56 (Groove 0147)

– Bamboo Rock And Roll/ You May Not Know, ’56 (Groove 0158)

– In Each Corner Of My Heart/ Let Me Know Tonight, ’56 (Groove 0176)


Nitecaps (Detroit) – The 5 Keys And The Nitecaps, 1989 (Detour LP 33-010)

Side 1 (Tracks 5-8):  Let Me Know Tonight, Oh, You Sweet Girl, In Each Corner Of My Heart, Sweet Thing.

Side 2 (Tracks 1-7): Be My Girl, Tough Mama, A Kiss And A Vow, Bamboo Rock & Roll, You’re Gonna Be Sorry, You May Not Know, Snap, Crackle & Pop.


Nitecaps (Oklahoma) (Clyde Stacy & The) – Hoy Hoy/ So Young, ’57 (Candlelight 1015)

  • The sides were recorded in Oklahoma.
  • Clyde Stacy’s Candlelight releases (not included in the book) were recorded in New York.


as Clyde Stacy – I Sure Do Love You Baby/ Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor, ’58 (Bullseye 1008)

  • This Bullseye label is located in New York.


Nightcaps (Texas)

– Wine Wine Wine/ Nightcap Rock, ’60 (Vandan 7491)

  • Reissued on Musicor #1057 in 1965.

– Thunderbird/ Ole Jose, ’60 (Vandan 3233)

– 24 Hours/ No Parking, ’60 (Vandan 3387)

  • Book listed as #3587.

– Next Time You See Me/ I’ve Got The Blues, ’63 (Vandan 4280)

– Darlin [sic]/ Mystery Train, ’67 (Vandan 7066)

– Wine Wine Wine No 2/ Walking The Dog, ’68 (Vandan 4733) 


Nitecaps (Texas) – Wine, Wine, Wine, ’60 (Vandan VRLP 8124)

  • Not in book.

Side One: Wine, Wine, Wine; Nightcap Rock; Twenty Four Hours; Mojo Hand; Tough That’s All.

Side Two: Thunderbird; Ole Jose; Sweet Little Angel; No Parking; I Got My Mojo Working.


Nitecaps (Texas) – Wine, Wine, Wine, ’98 (Collectables CD 5766)

  • Not in book.

Tracks: Wine, Wine, Wine; Nightcap Rock; 24 Hours; I Got My Mojo Working; Tough That’s All; Thunderbird; Ole Jose; Sweet Little Angel; No Parking; Mojo Man.

Bonus: I’ve Got The Blues; Next Time You See Me.


Note:  Default dating for the Vandan releases was originally obtained from the Nitecaps official site which is no longer available.

  • The post follows their discography. has a Nightcaps’ history and partial discography  which is now being used in most sources’ posts.

  • The dating discrepancy is noted.


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