Newtones (New York)

Newtones (New York City) (ref Richard Pitts) – Going Steady/ Remember The Night, ’59 (Baton 260)


Note:  On the following Relic Gold releases, each side (#1009 and #1010) is by a different group.


Newtones (White Group) – Can’t You See (previously unreleased), ’65 (Relic Gold 1009)

  • Scan found.

Newtones (Black Group) – I Remember The Night, ’65 (Relic Gold 1009)


Newtones (White Group) – Come On (previously unreleased), ’65 (Relic Gold 1010

Newtones (Black Group) – We’re Going Steady, ’65 (Relic Gold 1010) 


The Relic Gold series was launched in 1964 as/


as Nutones (White Group)

Can’t You See (Relic LP 5036 (2-2))

  • Artist credit isas ‘Newtones (Nutones)’ on this title.

– Come On (Relic LP 5036 (2-9))

as Nutones (Black Group)

– I Remember The Nite (Relic LP 5036 (2-3))

– We’re Going Steady (Relic LP 5036 2-8))


2 thoughts on “Newtones (New York)

  1. On Relic 5036
    Trying to build this LP but short of 2 unknown artists
    Any help in info or MP3s of the 2 would be greatly appreciated.

    • Thanks for the inquiry Brian.

      I have not heard the two sides listed asby ‘unknown’ artists on the Relic 5036 album.

      Best bet to obtain these two files would be an eBay site which, of course, would sell the entire album.

      Good luck finding them.

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