Newtones (New York)

Newtones (New York City) (ref Richard Pitts) – Going Steady/ Remember The Night, ’59 (Baton 260)


Newtones (New York City)

(Each side (#1009 and #1010) is by a different group.  Read the comments by Bobby Diskin @

Newtones (White Group) – Can’t You See (previously unreleased), ’65 (Relic Gold 1009) (Scan found.)

Newtones (Black Group) – I Remember The Night, ’65 (Relic Gold 1009)


Newtones (White Group) – Come On (previously unreleased), ’65 (Relic Gold 1010

Newtones (Black Group) – We’re Going Steady, ’65 (Relic Gold 1010) 

The Relic Gold series was launched in 1964 as/


as Nutones (White Group)

– Can’t You See (Relic LP 5036 (2-2)) (Artist credit isas Newtones (Nutones) on this title.)

– Come On (Relic LP 5036 (2-9))

as Nutones (Black Group)

– I Remember The Nite (Relic LP 5036 (2-3))

– We’re Going Steady (Relic LP 5036 2-8))


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