Newports Groups

Falcons (Detroit) as The Sax Kari Show Starring The Newports – Hurry—Arthur Murray/ Chicky Chop Chop, ’59 (Contour 301) (A-side scan found.  As/ Marv Goldberg A-side lead is Eddie Floyd, B-side is Mack Rice.)



Newports (Queens NY)

– A Fellow Needs A Girl/ If I Could Tonight, ’61 (Kane 007-008 & Guyden 2067, ’62)

– Tears/ Disillusioned Love, ’64 (Guyden 2116)


as Exzels – Canadian Sunset (2:04), ’62 (Cross Fire 228) (Newports group members needed.)

Exzels (Philadelphia) – Hit Talk, ’62 (Cross Fire 228) (Members involved: David Simmons, Bunny Sigler, Friends from neighborhood.  Written by Morris Bailey and Leon Mitchell.)


Newports (Queens NY) (Recorded 1963) – Wishing Star/ Hands, ’78 (Image 501) (Trio pictured on the label.)


Newports (Queens NY) – Everybody’s ’Teenage Sweetheart’ 2000 (Crystal Ball CD 1031)

Track List:

Teenage Sweetheart (1959), Me and My Gal (1959), If I Could Tonight (1962), A Fellow Needs A Girl (1962), The Wedding Song (1999), The Night We First Met (1999), Go To Sleep My Little Girl (1961), Dream Of You (1998), Love Me With All of Your Heart (1963), Dooly Bomp (1999), Hugh-A-Bye My Love (1999), Tears (1963), (The Music Goes) On and On (1999), Do You Remember (1998), Disillusioned Love (1963), Earth That i Live On (1999) [sic], Beware of the Weaker Sex (1999), Hands (1963), Wishing Star (1999), I am Grateful (1999), Faith (1963), Look Into the Future (1999), Canadian Sunset (1962), By The Window (1999), Ask Me (1999), Looking For Love (1998), I’ll Never Stop Loving You (1963), If I Could Tonight (1999).

Track Listing title credit is/the CD back cover.  Also as/CD Back Cover, the 1999 versions of original Newports recordings were “done over” due to the poor quality of the existing demos.



Newports (Los Angeles) – The Wonder Of Love/ Dixie Women, ’61 (Kent 380)



Newports (Maryland-DC Area) (Cal Linley & The) – (Don’t You Ever) Mess Around/ Can’t Find A Girl, ’62 (DC 0431) 

Newports (Washington DC) (ref Willett Brothers) – I Want You/ The Trouble Is You, ’65 (Laurie 3327)  (On this releaseTom Willett had replaced Cal Linley as lead singer.)

The book lists the above releases.  The biography of the various group creations and other releases by them can be found at



Newports (Tyrone & The)  (Label scans were only found as Nu Ports.  There are comps who credit group as Newports.  See the group posting under Nu Ports.)



Unless noted, the following Newports group contained the following members as/ a cover sleeve: Eddie, Joel, Paul, Jimmy and Joey.  No last names were provided.  Jimmy Pace was a member of the Queens group.)

Newports – Dooly Bomp/ Go To Sleep My Little Girl, ’77 (Crystal Ball 108) (B-side was recorded in 1961.  Unknown if the sides are the unreleased versions on the Crystal Ball CD or redone for this release.)


Newports (Jimmy & The) – Looking For Love/ The Night We First Met, ’78 (Crystal Ball 113) (Unknown if the sides are the unreleased versions on the Crystal Ball CD or redone for this release.)


Newports (ft Jimmy) – Jingle Bells, ’78 (Crystal Ball 129)

Newports (ft Paul) – My Juanita, ’78 (Crystal Ball 129) (Scan found.)



– Denise/ Your Way, ’79 (Crystal Ball 134)

– Crazy For You/ Gloria, ’81 (Crystal Ball 143)


Newports (Jim Pace New Queens Group)

– I Dreamt I Dwelt In Heaven/ Look Into The Future, ’93 (Avenue D 18)

– My Movie Queen/ The Great Pretender, ’93 (Avenue D 20)

(Jim Pace, Steve Bibicoff, Bob Cannizzaro, Frank Russo, Phil Ferrito.  These names appear on both labels.)


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