Neptunes Groups

The book listed all Neptunes groups as one.  With the exception of the group on Marlo, sites list this way as well.

  • Researching these groups found time-line, vocal and label location differences that tend to dilute this industry acceptance.
  • It is possible there were different leads on each set of files or that the group evolved into the Holbert-led releases.
  • The added Notes break down the discrepancies on the following.
    • New information is welcome. 


Neptunes (East Coast) (w Abie Baker Orch) – Fraidy-Cat/ As Long As, ’57 (Glory 269)

  • Writing credits: Obrecht-Anderson/ Harold Anderson.
  • Abie Baker was best known as a New York session musician.


Neptunes (East Coast) (Payson Group) – If You Care/ She Went That-A-Way, ’58 (Payson 101-102)

  • Writing credits: Obrecht-Anderson-Anderson Williams-Chapman-Jones/ R Obrecht.


Note:  Doowop style.  The group sounds more sophisticated than a group in the beginning stages of their career.


Neptunes (Nashville Group?) – So Little Time/ She’ll Understand, ’61 (Checker 967)

  • Writing credits: W Clayton/ (Not listed).
  • No group members were found.
  • All dates found are 1960 or 1961.

Note:  The Vibrations on Checker 967 was withdrawn with ‘So Little Time’ as one of the titles.

    • It subsequently appears asby the Vibrations on LPs.


Neptunes (Nashville Group?) – This My Love/ Curiosity Killed The Cat, ’61 (RCA 7931)

  • Writing credits: Halloway-Fielding-Johnson-Clanton-Hall/ Augustus-Colley-Phillips.
  • No specific group members found for this release. 


Neptunes (Nashville Group)

– Make A Memory/ House Of Heartaches, ’63 (Instant 3255)

  • Writing credits: Allen & Holbert.
  • New Orleans label.

– I’m Coming Home/ I Don’t Cry Anymore, ’64 (Victoria 102)

  • Writing credits: Fred Hart/ A Wayne-B Raleigh.

– Turn Around/ Girl That’s An Awful Thing To Say, ’65 (Gem 100)

  • Writing credits: Thomas Holbert/ Chip Young.

Note:  This multi-label group of Neptunes sounds alike.  As mentioned in youtube comments, the lead is Thomas Holbert.

  • Other information found indicates the group formed in the 1950s and some say late 1950s.
    • Founded by Tom Holbert and Paul Hendrick.
    • A 1963 photo on Discogs lists the gms as: Paul Hendricks, Hal Hardy, Robert Dixon, Joe Wade and James Porter Box.


Neptunes (Belleville IL Label) – A King Without A Crown/ I Met You, ’64 (Marlo 1534)

  • Prod: Bill Alt.

Note:  A search for audios for ‘A King Without A Crown’ often results in youtube playing “Letter To Dick Clark” by the Gates (ft Bobby Ferguson) instead of the Neptunes song.


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