Neptunes Groups

Neptunes (East Coast) (w Abie Baker Orch) – Fraidy-Cat/ As Long As, ’57 (Glory 269)


Neptunes (Payson Group) – If You Care/ She Went That-A-Way, ’58 (Payson 101-102) (Does not sound like any other group.)


Neptunes (Chicago Label) – So Little Time/ She’ll Understand, ’61 (Checker 967) (The Vibrations on Checker 967 was withdrawn with ‘So Little Time’ as one of the titles.  It subsequently appears asby the Vibrations on LPs.  Do both artists do this title?  All I’ve heard sound the same.)


Neptunes (Unknown Origin) – This My Love/ Curiosity Killed The Cat, ’61 (RCA 7931)



Neptunes (Nashville Group) (All sound alike.)

– Turn Around/ Girl, That’s An Awful Thing To Say, ’63 (Gem 100)

– Make A Memory/ House Of Heartaches, ’63 (Instant 3255) (On New Orleans label.)

– I’m Coming Home/ I Don’t Cry Anymore, ’64 (Victoria 102)



Neptunes (Belleville IL Label) – A King Without A Crown/ I Met You, ’64 (Marlo 1534) (Prod: Bill Alt)


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