Neil Scott/Neal Scott

Note:  Neal Scott and Neil Scott are names used by Neal Bogatz/Bogart.  He was backed by the Concords on some of the songs the book lists.  The Concords LP tracks are used to determine those releases, including the flips.  Addition information is provided on Scott’s other listed work.)


as Neal Scott (The Fortunes) – Go Bohemian, ’60 (Clown 3011) (Neal Scott and The Fortunes share equal credit.)

as Neal Scott – Oh Genie, ’60 (Clown 3011)


Neil Scott (w Clint Ballard Orch) – Bobby/ I Haven’t Found It With Another, ’61 (Portrait 102)


Neil Scott – It Happened All Over Again/ My Confession, ’61 (Portrait 106)


Neil Scott (BB Concords (Brooklyn)-uncredited) (ref Clark McClellan) – Run To Me/ Tomboy, ’62 (Comet 2151)


Neil Scott (Mike Lewis Orch) (BB Concords (Brooklyn)-uncredited) – One Piece Bathing Suit/ Little Girl, ’63 (Herald 581) (A-side complete title is: (Chantilly, Silly Sort Of Daffy As A Dilly Little Fussy Little Frilly Little) One Piece Bathing Suit.)


Neil Scott (w Cecil Holmes Orch & Marty Thau Singers) – I Don’t Stand A Ghost Of A Chance/ Let Me Think It Over, ’67 (Cameo 476)


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