Neil Scott/Neal Scott

Note:  Neal Scott and Neil Scott are names used by Neal Bogatz/Bogart.

  • He was backed by the Concords on some of the songs the book lists.  The Concords LP tracks are used to determine those releases, including the flips.
  • Addition information is provided on Scott’s other listed work.


as Neal Scott (The Fortunes) – Go Bohemian, ’60 (Clown 3011)

  • Neal Scott and The Fortunes share equal credit.

as Neal Scott – Oh Genie, ’60 (Clown 3011)


Neil Scott (w Clint Ballard Orch) – Bobby/ I Haven’t Found It With Another, ’61 (Portrait 102)


Neil Scott – It Happened All Over Again/ My Confession, ’61 (Portrait 106)


Neil Scott (BB Concords (Brooklyn)-uncredited) (ref Clark McClellan) – Run To Me/ Tomboy, ’62 (Comet 2151)


Neil Scott (Mike Lewis Orch) (BB Concords (Brooklyn)-uncredited) – One Piece Bathing Suit/ Little Girl, ’63 (Herald 581)

  • A-side complete title is: ‘(Chantilly, Silly Sort Of Daffy As A Dilly Little Fussy Little Frilly Little) One Piece Bathing Suit.’


Neil Scott (w Cecil Holmes Orch & Marty Thau Singers) – I Don’t Stand A Ghost Of A Chance/ Let Me Think It Over, ’67 (Cameo 476)