Naturals Groups

Four Naturals as Naturals (Philadelphia) – How Strange/ Blue Moon, ’58 (Red Top 113 & Hunt 325, ’59)



Naturals (NY Label) – You Give Me So Much Lovin’/ What A Shape I’m In, ’58 (Beacon 462)



Naturals (Hollywood) – Don’t Send Me Away/ The Mummy, ’59 (Era 1089)



Naturals (Ontario) (Jack Bailey & The)

– Oh What Love Is/ Beneath The Moonlight, ’59 (Ford 105)

– Tiger Lil/ Your Magic Touch, ’59 (Ford 113)



Naturals (Calif) (Yolanda (Campos) & The) – My Memories Of You/ Jawbone, ’62 (Kimley 923)



Naturals (LA) – Just In Case You Change Your Mind/ Why Don’t They Understand, ’64 (Chattahoochee 633)


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