Nathaniel Mayer & Related Groups

Nathaniel Mayer & The Fabulous Twilights

– My Last Dance With You/ My Little Darling, ’61 (Fortune 542)

– Village Of Love/ I Want A Woman, ’62 (Fortune 545 & Fortune UA 449)

  • UA #1625, issued in 1963, was not included in the book.

Note:  Village Of Love credited on Fortune 563 to The Fabulous Twilights is a book error.

  • Fortune 563 is issued as ‘Nolan Strong (w The Diablos)’ for ‘Village Of Love/ (I’m In Love) Real True Love.)

– Hurtin’ Love/ Leave Me Alone, ’62 (Fortune 547) 

  • Fortune 487 isas ‘Hurting Love.’


Nathaniel Mayer & His Fabulous Twilights – Well, I’ve Got News (For You)/ Work It Out, ’62 (Fortune 550)


Nathaniel Mayer & His Fabulous Twilights – Well, I’ve Got News (For You), ’62 (Fortune 550X)

Nathaniel Mayer – Mr Santa Claus (Bring Me My Baby), ’62 (Fortune 550X)


Nathaniel Mayer & His Fabulous Twilights

– I Had A Dream/ I’m Not Gonna Cry, ’63 (Fortune 554)

– Going Back To The Village Of Love/ My Last Dance With You, ’63 (Fortune 557)


Nathaniel Mayer & The Dynamics (w The Crescendals) – A Place I Know/ Don’t Come Back, ’63 (Fortune 562 F322)


Nathaniel Mayer (w The Fortune Braves [sic]) – I Want Love And Affection (Not The House Of Correction)/ From Now On, ’63 (Fortune 567)

  • All jacket printings are as ‘w Fortune Bravos’ with discs printed as ‘Fortune Braves’  which is a misprint if not an error.
  • Disc for #570 is as ‘Fortune Bravos’ as an instrumental group.
    • See post for Fortune Bravos.