Night-Riders, Night Riders, Nite Riders & Knight Riders

Night-Riders (Los Angeles Label) – Big Game Hunter/ Doin’ The Cha Cha In Havana, ’61 (Dore 613) (Scans found.)



Note:  Night Riders and Nite Riders are connected through various group members:  Doc Starks, Melvin Smith, Harry Van Walls, Harry Crafton, Joe Sewell & Jimmy Johnson.

Night Riders as Nightriders (Doc Starks & The) – The Vacation Train {I}/ Night Ridin’ {I}, ’56 (Sound 119) (A-side is {I} with sound effects.)


Night Riders (Vocal Mel Smith) – Pretty Plaid Skirt (And Long Black Sox)/ I’ll Never Change, ’59 (Sue 713) (Scans also for Mel Smith & The Night Riders.)


Night Riders as Nightriders

– Never/ Tell The Truth, ’56 (Sound 128) (B-side scan found.)

– Lookin’ For My Baby/ St. Loo, ’59 (Sue 719) (Book lists as St. Lou.  All scans found say St. Loo.)


Night Riders (ft Piano Van) – Talk To Me Baby/ Night Ridin’ {I}, ’60 (Sue 731) (A Van ‘Piano Man’ Walls discography says (later reissued as by The Nite Riders featuring Piano Van).


Night Riders as Nite Riders Present Melvin Smith – Ugly George/ Nobody’s Fault, ’62 (Chime 101)



Nite Riders

– Women & Cadillacs/ Say Hey (A Tribute To Willie Mays), ’54 (Apollo 460) (Book listed as Doc Starkes & The Night Riders.)

– Rags/ Doctor Velvet, ’54 (Apollo 466)

– I Know You’re In There/ Starlight And You, ’55 (Teen 116) {I} (A-side scan found.)

– Got Me A Six Button Benny/ Don’t Hang Up The Phone, ’55 (Teen 118)

– Waiting In The Schoolroom/ When A Man Cries, ’55 (Teen 120) (A-side scan found.)


Nite Riders (Doc Starkes & His) – Apple Cider/ Way In The Middle Of A Dream, ’55 (Teen 114)


Nite Riders (Doc Starkes & His) – Apple Cider, ’57 (Swan 4003 & Itzy 9, ’66) (There was also a scan as Nite-Riders on ‘Apple Cider.’)

as The Nite Riders – Six Button Benny, ’57 (Swan 4003 & Itzy 9, 66)


Nite Riders (Doc Starkes & The) – Love Me Like Crazy/ Rockin’ To School, ’58 (Modern Sound 6908)


Nite Riders as Doc Starkes & The Niteriders – Love Me Like Crazy/ Rockin’ To School, ’58 (Linda 109)


Nite Riders (Doc Starkes & The) – Keep It A Secret (Recorded 1954), ’89 (Relic LP 5078 2-4)



Nite Riders (New Orleans Area) (Johnny Fairchild & The) – I Was A Fool/ Please, Please, Please, ’59 (Ace 565) (Book listed as Night Riders.)



Knight Riders (New York Label) (gm Billy Vera) – Annie’s Place/ Unchained Melody, ’61 (United Artists 366)


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