Memories Groups

Memories (Washington DC) – Love Bells/ I Promise, ’60 (Way-Lin 101)

(As/ (, the release date is 1960.  The book dated 1962 and other sources range from 1959 to 1964.)


Memories (Washington DC) as Bob-o-Links – I Promise/ Mr Frog, ’62 (Hi-Ho 101)



Memories (Danny & The) (Los Angeles) – Can’t Help Lovin’ That Girl Of Mine/ Don’t Go, ’64 (Valiant 705)

(gms: Billy Talbot, Danny Whitten, Ralph Molina & Benn “Dino”Rocco.  The group eventually became a Rockets group (White Whale) before some ‘Memories’ played with Neil Young’s group ‘Crazy Horse’ in 1967.)



Memories (A Capella Group)

– Darling You’re My Angel/ Will I, ’64 (Times Square 11, Times Square 95, ‘66 & Relic-Klik LP 5044 (B07 & B09) (Times Sq scans for ‘Will I’ not found.)

– Love Me Once Again (Relic-Klik LP 5044)



Memories error – U.G.H.A., ’80 (UGHA 14) (The flip ‘Canadian Sunset’ by the Ribitones.)

Both side are by the Ribitones.


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