Marvels, Mar-Vels, Marvells, Mar Vells Groups

Dubs formerly Marvels (Lead-Richard Blandon) – I Won’t Have You Breaking My Heart/ Jump, Rock And Roll, ’56 (ABC 9771)



Marvels (California) (w Scott Johnson Orch) – Did She Leave You/ Lovely Charms, ’58 (Magnet 1005)

as Marvells (w Scott Johnson Orch) – Did She Leave You/ Lovely Charms, ’58 (Magnet 1005-repo) (See comment.)



Marvels (Washington DC) – I Shed So Many Tears/ So Young So Sweet, ’58 (Laurie 3016)


by Gales (Washington DC) (gm James Isom) – I Love You/ Squeeze Me, ’60 (Winn 916)

(James Isom was also a member of the Gales and Satisfactions.  This is not an aka.)


as Marvells – For Sentimental Reasons/ Come Back, ’61 (Winn 1916)


as Senators – Wedding Bells/ I Shouldn’t Care, ’62 (Winn 1917)



Charlie Baker (& Group) – Star Of Wonder/ You Crack Me Up, ’59 (Mun-Rab 106 & Liberty 55226)

(Scan of You Crack Me Up as Mun-Rab.)


Marvels (Hollywood) – Just Another Fool/ You Crack Me Up, ’59 (Munrab 1008)

(Scan of You Crack Me Up label as Munrab.  Both versions of You Crack Me Up are the same.)



Marvels (Texas) (ref Joe Anthony)

– Tonight, ’59 (Harlem 1002)

(Book listed as Mar-Vells.  The original recording was labeled ‘Untitled’ in Studio B-Southern Recording-Texas.)

– Wobble Trot, ’59 (Harlem 1002)

(Comment by group singer on u-tube states this is the flip.)



Marvels (Atlanta Area) (Harry M & The) – The ‘U-T’/ What’s The Use, ’61 (ABC-Paramount 10243)

(ref Harry Middlebrooks.  See Night Train Album #7137.)



as Savina Cattiva – Hallelulu-La, ’62 (Pyramid 6210)

(Scan found @…)


Marvels (NY) – Guiding Angel, ’62 (Pyramid 6211 & Jason Scott 21, ’82)

(Scans for Pyramid & Jason Scott found.  Flip ‘I’ll Never Forget by Buzz Clifford & Group.)


as The Marvels & Neil Sedaka – Oh Delilah, ’62 (Pyramid 623)

Marvels (NY) – Neil’s Twist {I}, ’62 (Pyramid 623)



Mar-Vels (Ohio Group)

– Could Be You/ Cherry Lips, ’58 (Love 5011-5012)

– Marvel Stomp/ My Guardian Angel, ’61 (Tammy 1019)


Mar-Vels (Ohio Group) (With Larry & The Lads) – Somewhere In Life/ Voo-Doo Hurt, ’61 (Tammy 1016)


Mar-Vels (Ohio Group) as Marvels – Somewhere In Life (You’ll Find Your Love)/ Voo Doo Hurt, ’80 (Bishop 1002) (See comment.)


Mar-Vels (Surf Sound Group) – Endless Nights/ Surfing At Makaha, ’64 (IN 102)



Marvells (Colorado Label)

– Miracle Of Life/ What About The Mountain, ’61 (Finer Arts 2019)

– How Could You Hurt Me So/’Cause I’m Loving You, ’62 (Finer Arts 2024)

– Tomorrow/ I’m A Fool For Losing You, ’62 (Finer Arts 2026)

(One source lists the dates as 1967 and 1968.)



Mar , Vells (With D Jones & The Continentals) (Florida Group) – Go On And Have Yourself A Ball/ How Do I Keep The Girls Away, ’63 (Butane 778)

(Label has a , between ‘Mar’ and ‘Vells’.)

as Marvells – This Can’t Go On/ Dizzy Jones Birdland, ‘64 (Yorey 1002)


3 thoughts on “Marvels, Mar-Vels, Marvells, Mar Vells Groups

  1. Marvels (California) (w Scott Johnson Orch) – Did She Leave You/ Lovely Charms, ’58 (Magnet 1005)

    This is a repro/ Bootleg original 45 spelt as Marvells With Scott Johnson Orch.

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