Mystics (The Other Groups)

The Brooklyn Mystics are well-documented by many sources with complete biographies and discographies.  Other than this note on the group, this post represented the less acclaimed Mystics groups.


Mystics (Brooklyn)

In My Faithful Heart, ’59 (Unreleased)

  • Sources indicate title was recorded in 1959 at same time as ‘Save A Dream’.

– Save A Dream, ’81 (Magic Carpet LP 1005 A8)

  • ‘Save A Dream’ was on a Videls CD as the Videls.


Error: The book listed the Lee 1004 titles among their Mystics groups.

Roy Montague (w the DeLons) – Life To Go/ Ballad Of Barbara Allen, ’59 (Lee 1004)

  • Billboard issue of November 23, 1959 lists these titles by Roy Montague.
  • There is no indication that he is connected to any Mystics group.



Mystics (NYC Label) – Teenage Sweetheart/ Rockin’ Yodel, ‘58 (Chatam 350-351)


as Champs – Teenage Sweetheart/ Rockin’ Yodel, ‘59 (Chatam 350)


Mystics (Los Angeles) (Ed Gates & His) – Chewing Gum/ In The Jungle, ’62 (Robins Nest 2)

  • Repo scans found.


Mystics (Cincinnati)

– Mash Potatoes With Me/ The Hoppy Hop, ’62 (King 5678)

– Just For Your Love (I Would Do Anything)/ The Jumpin’ Bean, ’63 (King 5735)


Mystics (Gene Fisher & The) – Remember (You’re My Girl)/ Listen To Me, ’62 (Plateau 101)

  • Writing credits: Fisher/ Charles Hardin-Norman Petty.
  • A recent comment on a youtube video says the group is from Texas.
    • They list the group members as: “Gene Fisher (lead), Larry Marker (bass), Rich Cavanaugh (guitar), Toni Scott (guitar), and Warren Hoffman (drums).”


Mystics (Seattle WA) – Fox/ Dan {I}, ’63 (Nolta 353)


Mystics (Washington DC) – She’s Got Everything/ Just A Loser, ’64 (Constellation 138 & Safice 333)


Mystics (Tallahassee FL) – Ooh Poo Pah Doo/ Snoopy, ’64 (Black Cat 501 & Future Talent 13893-4, ’65)


Mystics (Dallas TX) – Didn’t We Have A Good Time/ Now And For Always, ’66 (Spectra 707 & Dot 16862)


Mystics (Westchester, NY) – Ride My Pony (Come)/ This Is What I Was Made For, ’67 (Ren-Vell 320)


Mystics (Memphis) – Thats All [sic] {I}/ Get A Job (Jenny Lynn 101)

  • Book dated N/A.


Mystics (Ohio-Funk) – Steppin Stones/ I Really Do, ‘70s (Olympia 21314)

  • Writing credits both sides: B Lane.


Mystics (Chicago) – That’s The Kind Of Love/ I Really Love You, ’70 (Teako 370)


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