Mr Lee Groups

Mr Lee (Unknown Origin) – The Decision/ What’s Your Name, ’60 (Winter 501) (No location is given on the label scan, nor is a BB credited.)



Mr Lee (Philadelphia Label) – Dear One/ Mr Lee’s Plea, ’60 (Terry 220 & Addit 1229)

(B-side found for Terry 220 with ‘Philadelphia, PA’ stamped on the label.  Arranger is Dickie Howard.  The book did not list the Addit (NY) release but scans were found.  Dating is from the Addit discography.  No BB is credited.)



Mr Lee (Skylark Group) (& The Frank Andrade Five) – Let The Four Winds Blow/ Hey Mrs Jones, ’64 (Skylark 503) (Scans do not locate label and there are other labels called Skylark.)


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