Mr Lee Groups

Mr Lee (Unknown Origin) – The Decision/ What’s Your Name, ’60 (Winter 501)

  • No location is given on the label scan, nor is a BB credited.


Mr Lee (Philadelphia Label) – Mr Lee’s Plea/ Dear One, ’60 (Terry 220 & Addit 1229)

  • A-side found for Terry #220 with ‘Philadelphia, PA’ stamped on the label.
    • Writing credit is ‘L Tyer [sic].’  Arranger is ‘Dickie Howard.’ 
  • The book did not list the Addit (NY) release but scans were found.
  • Dating is from the Addit discography.  No BB is credited. 


Note:  The book credited the BB Cherokees on the above two Mr Lee releases.

  • There are releases for Little Mr Lee & The Cherokees in the mid-60s but it is unknown if either the ‘Winter’ or ‘Addit/Terry’ Mr Lee’s are the same.


Mr Lee (Skylark Group) (& The Frank Andrade Five) – Let The Four Winds Blow/ Hey Mrs Jones, ’64 (Skylark 503)

  • Scans do not locate label and there are other labels called Skylark.


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