Moonglows (Pete Graves Group)

Moonglows (Pete Graves Group)

– My Imagination/ Gee, ’64 (Crimson 1003) (Book listed as ‘My Inspiration’ and dated 1961.)

– I’ve Got The Right/ Baby Please, ’64 (Times Square 30)

– Sincerely/ Time After Time, ’64 (Lana 130)

– Most Of All/ What A Difference A Day Makes, ’64 (Lana 131)

– In My Diary/ Blue Velvet, ’64 (Lana 132)

– See Saw/ Love Is A River, ’64 (Lana 133)

– We Go Together/ Sho Be Du Be Du, ’64 (Lana 134) (Label scans were found for both sides.)

– Ten Commandments Of Love/ Half A Heart, ’64 (Lana 135)


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