Monterays Groups

Monterays (Portland-Seattle) Group


as Ural Thomas & The Monterays – Push ‘em Up/ Deep Within My Heart, ’60 (Mississippi-Change 004)

  • Original recording.



– Deep Within My Heart (Slow Version)/Push Em Up, ‘64 (Sure Star 5000)

Deep Within My Heart (Fast Version)/ Push-Em Up, ’64 (Ultima 704)

  • Book listing as Dominion #1019 is an error.  See Montereys-Virginia.


Monterays (Plattsburgh NY) Group


Monterays (Vocal Jimmy Jay) – Why Do You Cry, ’62 (Rondack 8657)

Monterays – Sun Set {I}, ’62 (Rondack 8657)


Note:  The Plattsburgh NY group is posted here to separate them from the Syracuse Monterays.

  •   As/ whitedoopwopcollector, the gms are: George Rabideau, Bob Rabideau, John Champayne, Gary Lambert & Jimmy Jay Bushey.


Monterays (Syracuse NY) Group


Monterays – Bye Bye/ Sheryl-ane [sic]

  • These sides are reported to be recorded in 1964 at Riposo Studios.
  • If the songs were released, no label name is known.
  • Sites citing this history tend to ‘slide over’ this content and mix it up with unexplained references and suggestions that the Madisons’ ‘Cheryl Anne’ was recorded after the Monterays.

Note:  On the History Of Syracuse Music Eceip PSLP 1009 Side One, Cheryl Anne [sic] is credited to the Monterays as a live recording in 1966 running at 2:17.

  • I have not heard this release and wonder if it could have been recorded when the Monterays opened for the Beach Boys at the Syracuse War Memorial concert in 1966.


Monterays – I’ll Be Around, ’65 (Twin-Hit 2865)

  • Written by Larry Santos.
  • The Madisons ‘Valerie’ is the B-side.



– Very Last Day/ You Belong To My Heart, ’67 (Sahara 118)

– Conquistador/ If Wishes Were Horses, ’68 (Buff 323628)

Note: The Sahara & Buff releases are not doowop.

  • The book did not list these releases.


Monterays (Dan Elliott & The) – Stay Awhile/ Ruby, ’83 (Air (American International Records) (No #)

  • Not in book.
  • Discogs credit the label # as 102.

Note: The group had a multitude of members I was not able to sort.  Their history at, like most others on the net, does list the gms, past and present.


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