Monterays Groups

Monterays (Portland-Seattle) as Ural Thomas & The Monterays – Push ‘em Up/ Deep Within My Heart, ’60 (Mississippi-Change 004) (Original recording.)



Monterays (Portland-Seattle)

– Deep Within My Heart (Slow Version)/Push Em Up, ‘64 (Sure Star 5000)

– Deep Within My Heart (Fast Version)/ Push-Em Up, ’64 (Ultima 704) (Book listing as Dominion 1019 is an error.  See Montereys-Virginia)



Monterays (Plattsburgh NY) (Vocal Jimmy Jay) – Why Do You Cry, ’62 (Rondack 8657)

Monterays (Plattsburgh NY) – Sun Set {I}, ’62 (Rondack 8657)

The Plattsburgh NY group is posted here to separate them from the Syracuse Monterays.  As/ whitedoopwopcollector, the gms are: George Rabideau, Bob Rabideau, John Champayne, Gary Lambert & Jimmy Jay Bushey.



Monterays (Syracuse NY) – Bye Bye/ Sheryl-ane [sic]

These sides are reported to be recorded in 1964 at Riposo Studios.  If the songs were released, no label name is known.  Sites citing this history tend to ‘slide over’ this content and mix it up with unexplained references and suggestions that the Madisons’ ‘Cheryl Anne’ was recorded after the Monterays.

On the History Of Syracuse Music Eceip PSLP 1009 Side One, Cheryl Anne [sic] is credited to the Monterays as a live recording in 1966 running at 2:17.  I have not heard this release and wonder if it could have been recorded when the Monterays opened for the Beach Boys at the Syracuse War Memorial concert in 1966.


Monterays (Syracuse NY) – I’ll Be Around, ’65 (Twin-Hit 2865) (Written by Larry Santos.  The Madisons ‘Valerie’ is the B-side.)


Monterays (Syracuse NY) (Not in book.)

– Very Last Day/ You Belong To My Heart, ’67 (Sahara 118)

– Conquistador/ If Wishes Were Horses, ’68 (Buff 323628)

The Sahara & Buff releases are not doowop.


Monterays (Syracuse NY) (Dan Elliott & The) – Stay Awhile/ Ruby, ’83 (Air (No #) (Not in book.)


The group had a multitude of members I was not able to sort.  Their history at, like most others on the net, does list the gms, past and present.


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