Montclairs Groups

Montclairs (Cleveland) as Monclairs – Wait For Me/ Happy Feet Time {I}, ’65 (Sunburst 106)

Montclairs (Cleveland) – Sore Feet/ Poopsie, ’65 (Sunburst 115)



Mel Williams & The Montclairs (Calif) – O-O-Wah/ Lessons In Love, ’54 (Decca 29370)

Mel Williams & The Montclairs (Calif) – O O Wah/ Fools Fall In Love, ’54 (Rage 101)


as Featuring The Capris – Oo Wah/ Fools Fall In Love, ’54 (Rage 101)



Montclairs (Brooklyn)

– Give Me A Chance, ’56 (Premium 404) (Lead is Arthur Perry.)

– My Every Dream, ’56 (Premium 404) (Lead is Ricky Long.)



Montclairs (Shreveport LA) – All I Want Is Love/ I’ve Heard About You, ’56 (Sonic 104) (No b-side scan.)



Montclairs (Detroit Label) (ft Eugene Arnold) – Golden Angel/ Don Juan, ’57 (Hi-Q 5001)



Montclairs (Unknown Origin)  – Lisa/ Tap Tap Daisy, ’57 (United International 1007)



Eddie Carroll & The Montclairs (Philadelphia) – Where Are You/ Wo-Wo-Baby, ’58 (Ru Lu 6098)



Montclairs (Detroit) (Floyd Smith With The) – Granpa’s Gully Rock/ This Is A Miracle, ’61 (Fortune 540)



Montclairs (Male Group-NY) – Goodnight, Well It’s Time To Go/ A Broken Promise, ’60 (Audicon 111)



Montclairs (Girl Group-NY) – I Believe (In Your Love)/ No Baby, ’63 (ABC-Paramount 10463)



Montclairs (Detroit-Unknown Group) – Call The Police (Fortune LP 8017-Treasure Chest Of Musty Dusties (Vol II)) (Date may be 1963 or 1984.)


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