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Montereys (Harlem-New York) – Someone Like You/ Train Whistle Blues, ’56 (Nestor 15 & Teenage 1001)



Thanks to the ‘Apesville’ comments, the post changes (2017) include some former date discrepancies.  Apesville’s youtube references are no longer available.

Montereys (Arwin Group) – Goodbye My Love/ It Hurts So Much, ’65 (Arwin 130) (The book listed B-side as It Hurts Me So.  Scan is It Hurts So Much.  Arwin is located in Beverly Hills CA.)



Montereys (New Jersey) (Vocals By The Montereys) – My Girl (Wa Wa Diddy Bop)/ With You, ‘65 (Saturn 1002) (No scan for B-side.)


Montereys (New Jersey) (Vocals By The Reginas)

– Teardrops In My Eyes/ One More Fool Than I, ‘65 (Saturn 1003) (The book dated as N/A with only the B-side listed.)

– I Need You/ Why Must I Love The One, ’65 (Saturn 1004) (Book did not list.)


Montereys (New Jersey) – Slipping Away/ Why Does Time, ’65 (See comment from Russ Herbstsomer.)


The Reginas (Instrumentals by The Montereys (New Jersey)) – Tear Drops In My Eyes (2:54)/ One More Fool Than I, ‘65 (Raio & Raio Music 1003)


The Reginas (Kathy & Ann Zappi) (Instrumentals by The Montereys (New Jersey)) – Why Must I Love The One/ I Need You, ‘65 (Raio & Raio Music 1004) (I Need You has male backing vocals.)

Raio is a division of Saturn Recording Studio Inc.  Most sources date the Reginas’ releases as 1959 which has now been confirmed as 1965.


Book error (The listing is for Goodbye My Love/ Slipping Away’ on Saturn 1005.  Scans for the Saturn subsidiary (Raio & Raio) credited The TalismenGood Bye My Love/ Slipping Away, ’65 (Raio & Raio Music 1005)



Dean Barlow & The Montereys (Bronx)

– Dearest One/ Through The Years, ’57 (Onyx 513 & Relic 511, ’64)

– Angel/ Tell Me Why, ’57 (Onyx 517)



Montereys (Midwest City, Oklahoma) – You’re The Girl For Me/ Ape Shape, ’57 (Rose 109)



Montereys (NY Label) – The American Teens/ I’ll Love You Again, ’58 (East West 121)

(Copywrite dates 1958.  Book misnumbered as #124.)



Montereys (Philadelphia) – Without A Girl/ So Deep, ’60 (Impala 213)

(Sources locate this impala [sic] label in Philadelphia.  The label name is printed inconsistently for other artists that are listed in the book.)



Montereys (Texas) – A Crowded Room/ You Said That You Loved Me, ’59 (Major 1009) (Book listed as Montereys (3))



Montereys (Hollywood Label) – Rita/ Billy Budd, ’60 (Prince 5060) (Have not heard either side.)



Montereys (Bakersfield CA)

– Darlin (I Love You So) [sic]/ Darlin’ Send Me A Letter, ’62 (Trans American 1000-1001) (A-side scan found.  Title corrected.)

– I Still Love You/(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons, ’63 (GNP Crescendo 314)

As/ family members commenting on youtube, the lead singer is Manuel Canez.  The group is from Lamont, CA which is just outside of Bakersfield.  Another comment states that Manuel Canez wrote and sang both Trans American songs.



Don Dell & The Montereys (Brooklyn) – Honey Doll/ Baby I Don’t Care (Tom-Tom 102)


Don Dell w The Montereys (Brooklyn) – Make Believe Love/ I Want You, I Need You, I Love You, ’62 (Roman 2963)


Montereys (Brooklyn) – Step Right Up/ Face In The Crowd, ’63 (Blast 219)


Montereys (Brooklyn) as Monorays – Face In The Crowd/ Step Right Up (Astra 1018) (Book dated as 1963.  Most sources leave the date as ‘unknown.’)



Montereys (Virginia) as Sandra Patrick – Broken Heart’s Prayer/ I Want Your Love, ’64 (Dominion 1008) (No BB is credited.)


Montereys (Virginia) – First Kiss/ Just One More Kiss, ’64 (Dominion 1019)



Montereys (Rhode Island) – You Never Cared/ Blast Off {I}, ’65 (Planet 57) (Book listed as Monterays and dated as 1957.)



11 thoughts on “Montereys Groups

    • Thanks for another interesting comment. It appears that the sub label (Raio) swapped the credits on #1003. The Reginas second release names the two members. One youtube playing ‘I Need You’ dates as 1964. IMO the 1964 dating is more accurate than the 1959 dating used by others.

    • There were many mixups in the book. Based on the Raio & Raio release of ‘Good Bye My Love’ by the Talismen, and listening to the other Saturn releases involving the Reginas, Saturn 1005 does not belong to the Arwin group.

  1. I wrote all the Saturn Recording and Raio & Raio songs except “Teardrops in My Eyes” as a member of the Montereys. Another member wrote “Teardrops”. I sang lead and played guitar. We were all from New Jersey and recorded all the songs in 1965. The Reginas were a girl I graduated Columbia High in Maplewood with in 1964, and her sister. Raio Sr was our manager and owner of the labels, but had nothing to do with writing the songs. Some songs show all four members as writers, but I’m “Herbstsomer” and wrote all of them alone. “Connolly” wrote “Teardrops” alone. I never met the Talismen and we recorded our own version of “Slipping Away”; backed by “Why Does Time”. I know of no existing copy of our record.

    • Hi and thanks for the comments about yourself and the Montereys. They clear up book errors, my own errors, and those made by others. The post now includes the location and the 1965 dating. The Montereys songs, as yet, are rare on youtube.

      Thanks again for setting the record straight. It was a pleasure hearing from you and learning of your involvement with the Montereys. If you still have the recordings, could you post them on youtube. I have heard only two of your songs.

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