Monorays Groups

Monorays (Nashville) – It’s Love Baby/ What’s Your Name {I}, ’58 (Nasco 6020)



Monorays (Ohio) (w Tony March & His Orch) – Five Minutes To Love You/ My Guardian Angel, ’59 (Tammy Records 1005-first pressing & Tammy 1005-second pressing)

(All scans found were the same.  Book listed with different pressing but their info was the same for both.)


Monorays (Ohio) – Five Minutes To Love You/ My Guardian Angel, ’60 (Red Rocket 476)

(A-scan no longer available.  Book dated 1960.)



Montereys (Brooklyn) as Monorays – Face In The Crowd/ Step Right Up (Astra 1018) (The book dated as 1963.  Recorded/Release date is unconfirmed.)



Monorays (NY Label) – You’re No Good/ Love, ’65 (20th Century-Fox 594)


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    • Thanks for the Tammy scan link. I did see the a-side Red Rocket scan a while ago but have not seen the flip.

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