Monitors (New Orleans) & Mellow Drops

Monitors (New Orleans) formerly Mellow Drops

– When I Grow Too Old To Dream/ The Crazy Song, ’54 (Imperial 5324)

– I Want Your Love, ’54 (Imperial-Unreleased)

– She’ll Stand Up For You, ’54 (Imperial-Unreleased) (Title also found as ‘Mother Will Stand Up For You’)


Monitors (New Orleans)

– Candy Coated Kisses/ Tonight’s The Night, ’55 (Aladdin 3309)

– Our School Days/ I’ve Got A Dream, ’57 (Specialty 595)

– Closer To Heaven/ Rock ‘N’ Roll Fever, ’57 (Specialty 622)

– Hop Scotch/ Mama Linda, ’58 (Specialty 636)


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