Metros Groups

Metros (Fairlawn NJ Label) as Eddie Joy (w The Metros) – Young Love Is An Old, Old Story/ And So To Sleep Again, ’59 (Dart 1008)


Crystals (Metro/ Cub) formerly Metros (New York) – All My Life/ Lookin’, ’59 (Just 1502)

  • Writing credits: Kondos-Evans/ Mann-Shapiro.


Metros (Funk/Soul Group) 1967 (RCA LP 3776)

A-side: Sweetest One, Since I Found My Baby, I’ll Never Forget You, Egyptian Love, Unlucky Sun)

B-side: Blue Velvet, Do The Pied Piper, Time Changes Things, I’m With You All The Way, Till The End Of Time


The Metros album is titled ‘Sweetest One’ with the book listing only Egyptian Lover [sic].  Soulful Kinda Music has a complete group discography.)


Metros (Philadelphia) – Someone/ Funky City (Ra-Sel 9107)

  • Soulful Detroit: Ra-Sel Records dates as 1969.
  • There is a previous Metros release on Ra-Sel 9706 ‘Where Were You/ Now That You’re Gone.’


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