Metronomes Groups

Metronomes (LA)

– Ride/ I Want You, ’53 (Specialty 462-Unreleased)

– She’s Gone/ That’s Bad, ’53 (Specialty 472) (There are also pressings as Gene Moore & The Metronomes.)



Metronomes (Lead Harold ‘Sonny’ Wright)

– I Love My Girl/ I’m Gonna Get Me A Girl Somehow, ’57 (Cadence 1310)

– Dear Don/ How Much I Love You, ’57 (Cadence 1339)

– Heaven Help Me (Cadence-Unreleased)

– Lonely Woman (Cadence-Unreleased)



Metronomes (NYC) (gm: Charles Woodford, Jules Robinson, Johnny Oglesby & Paul Benson.)

– Embraceable You, ’60 (Wynne EP 101)

– Fools Rush In, ’60 (Wynne EP 101)

– I Can’t Laugh, ’60 (Wynne EP 101)

– Pennies From Heaven, ’60 (Wynne EP 101)


Metronomes (NYC) – Wynne LP 706 (Underlined titles were listed in the book.)

Side 1: Pennies From Heaven, You’re Mine You, Whiffenpof [sic] Song, Fools Rush In, I Can’t Laugh, Don’t Blame Me.

Side 2: April In Paris, Foggy Day, Embraceable You, Age Of Miracles, Lady Be Good, Count Every Star.



Metronomes (Los Angeles) – Tears, Tears, Tears/ Hat Time, ’62 (Challenge 9157)



Metronomes (Chicago) – My Dearest Darling/ The Chickie-Goo, ’62 (Maureen 1000)



Metronomes (New York) – Back Door Blues/ This Could Be The Start Of Something Big, ’62 (Riverside 4523) (No a-side scan.)



Metronomes (New York Label) (As/label scan gms: Paul Benson, Julius Robinson, Chas Woodford, Conrad Moore.  Full details are on label.)

– Love Is The Thing, ’62 (Jazzland LP 76)

– Love Is The Thing/ Blue, ’75 (Broadcast 1131)



Metronomes (NY) (Leon & The) (w The Kool Kings Band) – Buy This Record For Me/ I’ll Catch You On The Rebound, ’66 (Carnival 515)



Metronomes (Southern California) – If You Care/ Fountain Of Love (Milestone-unreleased & Milestone 1003)



Metronomes (Robin Hood Group) – 3/4 Love You As You Love Me (unfinished), ’76 (Robin Hood 131)

(Post title is/label scan.  The flip, ‘Until The Real Thing Comes Along’ scans asby The Harptones.  As/ soulful kindamusic, it is not the Harptones.  Another site lists gms as (Cahn-Chaplin-Freeman-Hollner-Nichols).


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