Mello-Harps & Related Groups


– Love Is A Vow/ Valerie, ’55 (Do-Re-Mi 203)

– Gumma Gumma/ No Good, ’59 (Casino 104)


Mello-Harps as Melloharps

– I Love Only You/ Ain’t Got The Money, ’55 (Tin Pan Alley 145-146)

– What Good Are My Dreams/ Gone, ’56 (Tin Pan Alley 157-158)


Mello-Harps as Techo Wiltshire & The Melloharps – I Couldn’t Believe/ My Bleeding Heart, ’56 (Tin Pan Alley 159-160)


as Teentones (ft Joe Gowder) – Walkie Talkie Baby, ’56 (Rego 1004)

as Teentones (ft Arnold Malone) – Love Is A Vow, ’56 (Rego 1004)


by Lee and Larry and the Teentones – Have A Happy … (The Dedications Song)/ Oh Yes (Rego 1005) (Not in book.)

Added to post as/Marv Goldberg’s Mello-Harps history.


as Levee Songsters (ft Joe Gowder) – Walkie Talkie Baby, ’59 (Karen 1004)

as Levee Songsters (ft Arnold Malone) – Our Love Is A Vow, ’59 (Karen 1004)


as Levees – Walkie Talkie Baby/ Our Love Is A Vow, ’64 (Relic 515) (No scans found.)


See for history and changing personnel.


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