Mel Williams & Related Groups

Mel Williams & The Montclairs (Calif) – O-O-Wah/ Lessons In Love, ’54 (Decca 29370)


Mel Williams & The Montclairs (Calif) – O O Wah/ Fools Fall In Love, ’54 (Rage 101)


as Featuring The Capris – Oo Wah/ Fools Fall In Love, ’54 (Rage 101)

(Fools Fall In Love is a different song than ‘Lessons In Love’ but some report it is the same song.)


Mel Williams (& Group) (The book lists the BB as the Montclairs.  If so, they are uncredited.)

– Eternal Love/ Roses Never Fade, ’55 (Decca 29499)

– God Gave Me You/ You’re All Right Baby, ’55 (Decca 29554)

– You’re All Right Baby, ’56 (Decca EP 2400 A1)

– Roses Never Fade, ’55 (Decca EP 2400 A2)


Mel Williams

– Lonely Heart/ Soldier Boy, ’55 (Federal 12236)

– Send Me A Picture Baby/ Little School Girl, ’55 (Federal 12241)

– Here At My Phone/ Talk To Me, ’56 (Dig 107)


Mel Williams (BB Johnny Otis Orchestra)

– Don’t Cry Baby/ My Love, ’56 (Dig 123)

– All Through The Night/ I Cried A Million Tears, ’56 (Dig 128)


Mel Williams (w Johnny Otis Orchestra) – Stand There, Mountain/ I Don’t Care If The Sun Don’t Shine, ’57 (Dig 140)


Mel Williams as (Johnny Otis-Darby Hicks) Vocal by Mel Williams – Stay With Me, ’57 (Capitol EP 940 (2-2))

(The LP is called The Johnny Otis Show.  Mel Williams is credited on Capitol 3801 as ‘The Johnny Otis Show (Vocal by Mel Williams)’.


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