Medallions Groups

Rather than repeat well researched biographies of the Los Angeles/Dooto Medallions, this post represents the other Medallions groups and their locations.


Medallions (Philly Group) – I Know/ Laki-Lani, ’55 (Essex 901)



Medallions (Philadelphia Label) – Lolo Baby/ A Broken Heart, ’57 (Singular 1002)



Medallions (NY Label)

– Love That Girl/ Carachi {I}, ’59 (Sultan 1004)

– Love Letters/ Since You’ve Gone Away, ’60 (Card 1) (Book listed as Medalions.  The Card and Sultan labels are connected.)



Medallions (Texas)

– I Love You True/ My Baby’s Gone, ’61 (Sarg 191) (Vocal: Norman Barron.)

– Lovin’ Time {I}/ Home Town {I}, ’61 (Sarg 194)



Medallions (Girl Group) – You Are Irresistible/ Why Do You Look At Me, ’62 (Reo 8693 & Lenox 5556)


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