Masters Groups

Masters (Arlington VA) (Scotty Mann & The) (Lead Pavel Bess) – The Mystery Man, ’56 (Peacock 1665)

Masters (Arlington VA) (Scotty Mann & The) (Lead Fred Council) – Just A Little Bit Of Loving, ’56 (Peacock 1665)

(The group previously recorded as The Clefs on Peacock and Chess.)



Masters (Los Angeles) (Thurston Harris & The) – Purple Stew, ’58 (Aladdin 3440)

as Thurston Harris – I Hear A Rhapsody, ’58 (Aladdin 3440)



Masters (V-Tone Subsidiary) – Johnny Clean-Up/ ’Til I Return, ’58 (Len 103) (Philadelphia Label.)



Masters (Hollywood) – A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening/ Dore’s Blues, ’60 (Bingo 1008)



Beltones (NY) as Masters

– A Man Is Not Supposed To Cry/ Look Out, ’61 (End 1100)

– I’m Searching/ Crying My Heart Out, ’62 (Le Sage 713-714)



Rick & The Masters (Philadelphia)

– Bewitched Bothered And Bewildered/ A Kissin [sic] Friend, ’62 (Haral 778)

– Flame Of Love/ Here Comes Nancy, ’62 (Taba 101 & Cameo 226) (No scan for Taba b-side.)

– Let It Please Be You/ I Don’t Want Your Love, ’63 (Cameo 247)

– Nutmegs Medley/ Sit And Hold My Hand, ’92 (Clifton 104)


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