Marcels (Pittsburgh PA) (Notes)


– Blue Moon/ Goodbye To Love, ’68 (Eric 113)

– Summertime/ Heartaches, ’68 (Eric 114)

– Blue Moon, ’66 (Ripete 185)

– Tell Me/ Letter Full Of Tears, ’67 (Chartbound 009)

  • Book listed as 1963.  All sources say 1967.


Marcels – Mr Bass Man (Colpix-Unreleased)

  • In 1963 ‘I Wanna Be The Leader’ is said to be a takeoff of Johnny Cymbal’s Mr Bass Man and Mr Bass Man was made because of Blue Moon.
    • Did the Marcels actually do Mr Bass Man?


Marcels – One Last Kiss/ You Got To Be Sincere, ’63 (Colpix 694)

  • The book paired these sides as a ‘Colpix 694 release.
    • No information was found for B-side flip.


Marcels – One Last Kiss/ Teeter Totter Love, ’63 (Colpix 694)

  • Scans found for the book’s second Colpix 694 entry.


Marcels – You Might As Well Tell The Truth (Colpix-Unreleased)

  • No information was found for this title.


2 thoughts on “Marcels (Pittsburgh PA) (Notes)

  1. Tell Me/ Letter Full Of Tears, ’67 (Chartbound 009)
    I’m after a copy of this if anybody has one for sale?
    Please email me.

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