Marcels (Pittsburg, California)

Marcels (Pittsburg California Group) – Hard To Please, ’90 (Rhythm 118)

(This is a version of the Mondellos ‘Rhythm 109 ‘by the CA group of Marcels.  Book listed asby the PA group of Marcels.  Flip is ‘You’ll Never Know’ by the Mondellos.)


as Bob Jeffries (Marcels) – Betty Lou/ Take Me Back, ’58 (Jody 123)

Marcels (Pittsburg California Group) – Betty Lou/ Take Me Back, ’73 (Baron 109) (Bob Jeffries is not credited.)


Note:  Bob Jeffries (BB The Mondellos) – Betty Lou & Take Me Back  (Label credits ‘Marcels’ on both Jody and Baron labels.  Credit is usually given to the Mondellos as the BB and the label naming the Marcels is considered an error.  However, the Marcels group in question is from ‘Pittsburg, California’ not Pittsburgh, Pennysylvania.  It is most likely that the label is correct in crediting the California Marcels as the artist on Betty Lou and the BB to Bob Jeffries on ‘Take Me Back.’  Corrections welcome.)


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