Marathons Groups

Marathons (NY) – Don’t Know Why/ The Stranger, ’59 (Sabrina 334 & JC 101)


The following ‘Marathons’ are The Vibrations.

  • They are not the 2nd Arvee Marathons or Plaza (HB Barnum group).


as Marathons (1st Barnum/Cooper Marathons) – Peanut Butter/ Talkin’ Trash, ’61 (Arvee 5027)

  • Recorded by the Vibrations for HB Barnum and Marty Cooper and released on the Arvee label as the Marathons.


as Marathons (1st Barnum/Cooper Marathons) – Peanut Butter, ’61 (Arvee LP-424)

  • This same title as ‘Marathons (Arvee 5027)’ was on the Olympics LP (Dance By The Light Of The Moon.)


Vibrations as (Named By Others As) Marathons – Peanut Butter/ Down In New Orleans, ’61 (Chess 1790)

  • ‘Peanut Butter’ is re-recorded version for Chess/Argo releases.
  • The Vibrations did not record again as the Marathons.


Vibrations as (Recorded as) Marathons – Peanut Butter, ’61 (Argo 5389)

Vibrations as (Named By Others As) Marathons  – Down In New Orleans, ’61 (Argo 5389)


credited as Marathons – Peanut Butter, ’61 (Collectables 5081 B1)

credited as Marathons – Talkin’ Trash, ’61 (Collectables 5081 B2)


Marathons (2nd Barnum/Cooper Marathons)

– Tight Sweater/ C Percy Mercy Of Scotland Yard, ’61 (Arvee 5038)

Chicken Spaceman/ You Bug Me Baby, ’62 (Arvee 5048)

  • As/ Marv Goldberg, these sides are recorded as duets by Barnum and Cooper.
  • Scans credit both sides as ‘Marathons.

– Mashed Potatoes One More Time/ Little Pancho, ’62 (Plaza 507)

– C Percy Mercy Of Scotland Yard, ’61 (Collectables LP 5081 B3)

– High Blood Pressure, ’61 (Collectables LP 5081 B4)

– Gee, ’61 (Collectables LP 5081 B5)

– Tight Sweater, ’61 (Collectables LP 5081 B6)

– Chicken Spaceman, ’61 (Collectables LP 5081 B7)

– Oink Jones, ’61 (Collectables LP 5081 B8)


Note:  The 2nd Barnum/Cooper group of Marathons are not connected to the Vibrations.

  • Marty Cooper is from the West Coast and not to be confused with Marty Cooper (East Coast) who recorded as Tico & The Triumphs.
  • As/per Marv Goldberg gms: Bobby Mac (Maccagnanno), James Hall, Freddy Sachel, and Art Wheeler.