Marvels, Mar-Vels, Mar Vells, Mar-Vells & Marvells Groups

Dubs formerly Marvels (Lead-Richard Blandon) – I Won’t Have You Breaking My Heart/ Jump, Rock And Roll, ’56 (ABC 9771)



Marvels (California) (w Scott Johnson Orch) – Did She Leave You/ Lovely Charms, ’58 (Magnet 1005)

as Marvells (w Scott Johnson Orch) – Did She Leave You/ Lovely Charms, ’58 (Magnet 1005-repo) (See comment.)



Marvels (Washington DC) – I Shed So Many Tears/ So Young So Sweet, ’58 (Laurie 3016)


by Gales (Washington DC) (gm James Isom) – I Love You/ Squeeze Me, ’60 (Winn 916)

(James Isom was also a member of the Gales and Satisfactions.  This is not an aka.)


as Marvells – For Sentimental Reasons/ Come Back, ’61 (Winn 1916)


as Senators – Wedding Bells/ I Shouldn’t Care, ’62 (Winn 1917)



Charlie Baker (& Group) – Star Of Wonder/ You Crack Me Up, ’59 (Mun-Rab 106 & Liberty 55226)

(Scan of You Crack Me Up as Mun-Rab.)


Marvels (Hollywood) – Just Another Fool/ You Crack Me Up, ’59 (Munrab 1008)

(Scan of You Crack Me Up label as Munrab.  Both versions of You Crack Me Up are the same.)



Marvels (Atlanta Area) (Harry M & The) – The ‘U-T’/ What’s The Use, ’61 (ABC-Paramount 10243)

(ref Harry Middlebrooks.  See Night Train Album #7137.)



as Savina Cattiva – Hallelulu-La, ’62 (Pyramid 6210)

(Scan found @…)


Marvels (NY) – Guiding Angel, ’62 (Pyramid 6211 & Jason Scott 21, ’82)

(Scans for Pyramid & Jason Scott found.  Flip ‘I’ll Never Forget by Buzz Clifford & Group.)


as The Marvels & Neil Sedaka – Oh Delilah, ’62 (Pyramid 623)

Marvels (NY) – Neil’s Twist {I}, ’62 (Pyramid 623)



Mar-Vells (San Antonio) – Tonight/ Wobble Trot, ’59 (Harlem 1002)

(Gms: Luis Arispe (vocals), Robert Garcia (guitar), Joe Sutherland and Mike Rodriguez (saxes), Richard Garcia (bass), and Richard Mendez (drums).

There are notes and comments @ about the group.

The original recording was labeled ‘Untitled’ in Studio B-Southern Recording-Texas asby the Marvels.)



Mar-Vels (Ohio Group)

– Could Be You/ Cherry Lips, ’58 (Love 5011-5012)

– Marvel Stomp/ My Guardian Angel, ’61 (Tammy 1019)


Mar-Vels (Ohio Group) (With Larry & The Lads) – Somewhere In Life/ Voo-Doo Hurt, ’61 (Tammy 1016)


Mar-Vels (Ohio Group) as Marvels – Somewhere In Life (You’ll Find Your Love)/ Voo Doo Hurt, ’80 (Bishop 1002) (See comment.)


Mar-Vels (Surf Sound Group) – Endless Nights/ Surfing At Makaha, ’64 (IN 102)



Marvells (Colorado Label)

– Miracle Of Life/ What About The Mountain, ’61 (Finer Arts 2019)

– How Could You Hurt Me So/’Cause I’m Loving You, ’62 (Finer Arts 2024)

– Tomorrow/ I’m A Fool For Losing You, ’62 (Finer Arts 2026)

(One source lists the dates as 1967 and 1968.)



Mar , Vells (With D Jones & The Continentals) (Florida Group) – Go On And Have Yourself A Ball/ How Do I Keep The Girls Away, ’63 (Butane 778)

(Label has a , between ‘Mar’ and ‘Vells’.)

as Marvells – This Can’t Go On/ Dizzy Jones Birdland, ‘64 (Yorey 1002)


3 thoughts on “Marvels, Mar-Vels, Mar Vells, Mar-Vells & Marvells Groups

  1. Marvels (California) (w Scott Johnson Orch) – Did She Leave You/ Lovely Charms, ’58 (Magnet 1005)

    This is a repro/ Bootleg original 45 spelt as Marvells With Scott Johnson Orch.

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