Manhattans Groups

Manhattans (Warner) – How Do You Say I’m Sorry/ Love Is Where You Find It, ’58 (Warner 1015)

Book listed a-side as ‘How Do I Say I’m Sorry.’



Manhattans (LA) (Eli Price & The) – My Big Dream/ That’ll Make It Nice, ’59 (Dooto 445)



Manhattans (Unknown Group) – La-La-La/ Sing All The Day, ’62 (Capitol 4730)

(Several sources list these sides as part of the NJ Manhattans.  They are not the same group.)



Manhattans (New York) (Ronnie & The) – Come On Back/ Long Time No See, ’63 (Enjoy 2008)



Manhattans (NJ) – There Goes A Fool/ Call Somebody Please, ’64 (Carnival 506)

Manhattans (NJ) – Call Somebody Please, ’72 (Rim LP 101)

(The title is also the b-side of ‘There Goes A Fool’ on Carnival 506.  It is likely the same song.  The book does not list this Manhattans group.)



Manhattens (Detroit) – The Feeling Is Mutual/ Why Should I Cry, ’63 (Big Mack 3911) (Listing error as Manhattans.)


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