Mandells/ Mandels Groups

Mandells (New Mexico)

– Darling (I’m Home)/ Who, Me?, ’61 (Smart 323)

– Darling, I’m Home/ Who, Me?, ’61 (Chess 1794)

– Because I Love You/ I Don’t Have You, ’61 (Smart 325)

( has complete group history.)



Mandells (NY) – It’s No Good (Being Apart)/ I Don’t Know What You’ve Got (But You’ve Got It), ’63 (York 202)

(Some sources say this may also be the Jubilee group.)


Mandells (NY) – True Love Is Hard To Find/ Do’in The Look (2:15), ’66 (Jubilee 5519) (Both labels found appear to be original.)

as Jammers – Doin’ The Look (2:15)/ True Love Is Hard To Find, ’66 (Jubilee 5519)

(The Jammer entry is not in the book.  A label found appears to be identical to the Mandells version with a title variation and the ‘Jammers’ as the artist.)



Mandells (Chicago)

– Now I Know /Don’t Turn Your Back On Me, ‘69 (Hour Glass 004)

– Now I Know (I Love You) (Trans World Sound 695) (Flip is A-side ‘Don’t Turn Your Back On Me.’)

– How To Love A Woman/ I Can’t Get Enough Of Your Stuff, ’70 (Trans World Sound 711)

– Baby Don’t Get Hooked On Me/ I’m The One, ’70 (Trans World Sound 721)

– Think Back/ I Miss You Baby (Trans World Sound 821)



Mandels (ref Delmer Wilburn) – My Kissin’ Cousin/ The Scotch, ’61 (Lilly 502) (No b-side scan.)


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