Majors Groups

Majors (Brooklyn)

– You Ran Away With My Heart/ At Last, ’51 (Derby 763) (The book mixed label #s on the Derby releases.)

– Laughing On The Outside Crying On The Inside/ Come On Up To My Room, ’51 (Derby 779)


Majors (Little Ferry NJ Label) – Big Eyes/ Go Way, ’54 (Original 1003)

(There is some artist/writing credit connection between this and the other Brooklyn group.  See comments for scan links.)



Otis Blackwell & The Majors (Unknown Group) – It’s Love & It’s Real/ Don’t Take My Word (Take My Heart), ’57 (Gale 102)



Jesse Powell & The Majors (NY) – Oh Baby/ String Along, ’58 (Josie 845)



Majors (New York Label)

– Rockin’ The Boogie {I}, ’58 (Felsted 8501) (The flip ‘Blue Sunset’ is credited to The Bell Trio.)

– (Come) Go With Me/ Les Qua, ’59 (Felsted 8576-Unreleased & Felsted 8707, ’65) (# 8707 releases are both vocals.)

– I Found My Love, ’65 (Felsted 8707)

(The title does not appear on discographies.  If it is not a book error, it might be unreleased or a different pressing than ‘(Come) Go With Me/ Les Qua.’)



Majors (Philadelphia) as The Versatiles – Lundee Dundee/ Whisper In Your Ear, ’60 (Ro-Cal 1002)


Majors (Philadelphia)

– A Wonderful Dream/ Time Will Tell, ’62 (Imperial 5855)

– A Little Bit Now (A Little Bit Later)/ She’s A Troublemaker, ’62 (Imperial 5879)

– Anything You Can Do/ What In The World, ’63 (Imperial 5914)

– Tra La La/ What Have You Been Doin’, ’63 (Imperial 5936)

– Get Up Now/ One Happy Ending, ’63 (Imperial 5968)

– Your Life Begins (At Sweet 16)/ Which Way Did She Go, ’63 (Imperial 5991)

– I’ll Be There (To Bring You Love)/ Ooh Wee Baby ’64 (Imperial 66009)

– Twist And Shout, ’64 (Imperial LP 9222 A4)

– Don’t You Lose Your Cool, ’64 (Imperial LP 9222 B2)

– I Wonder Who’s Dancing With Her Now, ’64 (Imperial LP 9222 B3)

– Come On Come On, ’64 (Imperial LP 9222 B5)


Majors (Philadelphia) as The Performers – Just Dance/ Love Is The Answer, ’66 (ABC 10777)

An article written by Chis Haymes provides a good biography of the Majors (Philadelphia) and can be found in the ‘Links Directory’ on (



Vows (Chicago) as Major’s – Say You’ll Be Mine/ Lost In A City, ’65 (Big Three 403)

  • Book listed as separate group of Majors and dated N/A.
  • See Vows Groups post.


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