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The book listings were mixed with one group overrunning another.  Many sources repeated the confusion.  This posting has identified most group’s locations.



Majestics (Miami Group) – Nitey Nite/ Cave Man Rock, ’56 (Marlin 802)


Little Iris Culmer (BB The Majestics-Miami-uncredited) – Frankie, My Eyes Are On You/ Show Me The Way To Your Heart, ’56 (Marlin 803)



Majestics (Georgia Label) – Divided Heart/ Please Don’t Say No, ’58 (NRC 502)



Majestics (Chicago) (Kirk Taylor & The) – From Out Of This World/ You Didn’t Learn That In School, ’59 (Bandera 2507)



See… for more info on the Faro and Linda groups and their personnel.


Majestics (LA-1) (Chick Carlton & The) – I Want To Be A (TV Cowboy)/ So You Want To Rock, ’59 (Faro 592)


Atlantics as Majestics (LA-2) – Strange World/ Everything Is Gonna Be All Right, ’63 (Linda 111) (Chick Carlton was a member of the Atlantics.)


Majestics (LA-3) (BB Romancers LA)

– Girl Of My Dreams/ (I Love Her So Much) It Hurts Me, ’65 (Linda 121)

– Girl Of My Dreams, ’91 (Boardwalk 121)


as David & Ruben – The Girl In My Dreams/ (I Love Her So Much) It Hurts Me, ’65 (Rampart 662)



Majestics error – Baby Let Me Bang Your Box, ’91 (Boardwalk 121) (Side is a cover of the Toppers (2) 1954 Jubilee release.  Label scan shows as credited to the Bangers.)



Majestics & The Nightwinds (Everett MA) – Sweet One/ The Lone Stranger, ’59 (Sioux 91459) (Label includes The Nightwinds.)


Majestics (Everett MA)

– Sweet One/ The Lone Stranger, ’59 (20th Fox 171 & Foxie 7004, ’61) (Nightwinds uncredited.)

– Symbol Of Love/ Two Purple Shadows (Recorded 1961), ’73 (Vintage 1002)



Majestics (Detroit) (First Group) – Teen Age Gossip/ Hard Times, ’60 (Contour 501)


Majestics (Detroit) (Second Group) as Johnny Mitchell & The Majaestic’s

– Shoppin And Hoppin/ Give Me A Cigarette, ’62 (Chex 1000)

– So I Can Forget/ Give Me A Cigarette, ’62 (Chex 1000)


Majestics (Detroit) (Second Group)

– Treat Me Like You Want To Be Treated/ Unhappy And Blue, ’62 (Chex 1004)

– Lonely Heart/ Gwendolyn, ’62 (Chex 1006) (One pressing isas Majestic’s.)

– Baby, ’62 (Chex 1009) (Scans I’ve seen are as Majestic’s.)

– Teach Me How To Limbo, ’62 (Chex 1009) (These scans were all as Majestics.)



Majestics (Texas) – Pennies For A Beggar/ Boom Da Da Boom, ’60 (Knight 105) (No b-side scan.  Some sources list title as Boom Da Da.)



Majestics (Trenton NJ) – Searching For A New Love/ Angel Of Love, ’61 (Jordan 123, Nu-Tone 123 & Pixie 6901)



Majestics (Tennessee) – Oasis, Part 1/ Oasis, Part 2, ’61 (Chanson 1006 & Chess 1802) {I}

(As/45cat, these sides were originally issued on Chanson 2006.  When reissued on Chess, there was an impact in the Chicago area, charting at #28 on Chicago’s WLS.)


Majestics (Tennessee) – Riding By/ Safari, ’62 (Chanson 1007) {I} (Not in book.)

As/45cat gms are: Donald Eddie Fletcher, Don Bunch, Vince Baldwin, Rick Kissel & Anthony Monke.



Majestics (Garage Rock Group) – Smile Through My Tears/ Love Has Forgotten Me, ’66 (MGM 13488)



Majestics (Manhattan) (w Little Joe (Rivera))

– Every Day Of The Week, ’66 (Relic LP 104 A05) (Back Cover isas posted.  Disc isas ‘Everyday Of The Week)

– I’m So Young, ’66 (Relic LP 104 B02)


Majestics (Manhattan)

– Ave Marie, ’66 (Relic LP 104 A08)

– Twilight, ’66 (Relic LP 105 A05)


Majestics (Manhattan) (Little Joe & The) – This Magic Moment, ’66 (Relic LP 105 B06)


Artist credits are as/back album covers.


2 thoughts on “Majestics Groups

  1. I never relized there were so many groups call The MAJESTICS when I recorded “So You Want To Rock” on Faro Records in 1959, Steve, Jimmy, Paul and ‘Memo’. ( from top to bottom on the lable picture)
    Chick Carlton /facebook/ North Las Vegas, NV

    • What fun music we had in those days. Thanks for all your rocking tunes and the sense of humor. Nice idea for the Faro label pic.

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