Magnificents Groups

Magnificents (Chicago)

– Up On The Mountain/ Why Did She Go, ’56 (Vee-Jay 183)

– Caddy Bo/ Hiccup, ’56 (Vee-Jay 208)

– Off The Mountain/ Lost Lover, ’57 (Vee-Jay 235)

– Up On The Mountain, ’60 (Vee Jay 367)

– Yes, She’s My Baby, ’84 (Vee-Jay-Unreleased & Solid Smoke LP 8030)

– This Ole Love Of Mine, ’84 (Solid Smoke LP 8030)


Magnificents (Chicago) (Thurman Ramsey’s Group)

– My Heart Is Calling/ Where Do I Go From Here, ’65 (Dee Gee 3008) (No scan for b-side.)

– My Heart Is Calling/ On Main Street, ’65 (Dee Gee 3008)


Magnificents (Chicago-Unknown Group) (For more information, see Marv Goldberg’s article.)

– Don’t Leave Me/ Ozeta, ’58 (Vee-Jay 281)

– Let’s Do The Cha-Cha (Recorded 1958), ’60 (Vee-Jay 367)

– Rosebud (Recorded 1958-Unreleased)



Magnificents (Unknown Group) – Do You Mind/ The Dribble (Twist), ’62 (Kansoma 03 & Checker 1016)

Some sources reference Al Downing to the a-side.  No scan for b-side on Kansoma.

The timing/writing credits for ‘The Dribble (Twist)’ credited as The Magnificents on Checker 1016 is the same as ’The Dribble (Twist) credited as The Raging Storms on Trans Atlas 677.  I’ve heard clips of the Magnificents version and it is the same as the Raging Storms version.


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