Madisons Groups

Madisons (Syracuse NY) as Billy Kidd & The Madisons (Lead Chuck Roberts) – First Time/ If You Only Cared, ’61 (Madison 153) (B-side title correction.  After the Madison release, Chuck Roberts leaves and the group reforms.)


Madisons (Syracuse NY) (Gms: Carl Irvine, Jimmy Foran, Johnny Whipple & Terry Golden)

– Can You Imagine It/ The Wind And The Rain, ’64 (Lawn 240)

– Cheryl Anne/ Looking For True Love, ’65 (MGM 13312) (Written by Larry Santos.)

– Only A Fool/ Stagger, ’65 (Jomada 601 & Jumaca 601) (Written by Larry Santos.  No scans as Jumaca.)

– Valerie, ’65 (Twin-Hit 2865) (Title spelling change.  Flip ‘I’ll Be Around’ by the Monterays.)

The groups origins are at….



Madisons (Detroit?) – Bad Baboon/ Because I Got You, ’64 (Limelight 3018) (This sounds like a different group.  Location confirmation needed.)


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