Madison Brothers/ Royal Demons

formerly The Royal Demons – What’s The Matter Baby/ Baby Don’t, ’58 (Rhythm 5004)

formerly Royal Demons – Kiss Kiss/ Trembling Hand, ’61 (Pek 8101)


Madison Brothers

– Trusting In You/ What’s The Matter, Baby, ’60 (Cedargrove 314 & Apt 25050)

– Give Me Your Heart/ Baby Don’t, ’61 (Sure 1002) (No scan for b-side.  Book dated 1961, some say 1959.)


Madison Brothers (Farris Hill & The) – Did We Go Steady Too Soon/ The Twirl, ’62 (V-Tone 231)


Gms:  Richard Frazier, Harry Paschall, Farris Hill & Donald Burnett.


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