Lions (LA) & Related Groups

Lions (LA) (ref James Warren-Youngsters)

– Hickory Dickory/ The Yokel (He Went To Town), ’60 (Imperial 5678)

– Two Timing Love/ The Feast Of The Beast, ’60 (Rendezvous 116)


Lions (LA) (ref Everidge & Warren-Youngsters) – No One (No One But You) (Lead David Cobb)/ Giggles (Lead Tony Allen), ’60 (Everest 19388 & Mack IV 1/2)


Lions (LA) (ref Everidge & Warren-Youngsters) – ‘Til The 13th Month/ Girl Of The World, ’61 (Mack IV 104)


Mad Lads (ref Everidge & Warren-Youngsters) – Why/ Hey, Man, ’62 (Mark-Fi 1934)


Lions (LA) (Reformed Group) as Resonics

– Pepe La Phew/ Split Personality, ’63 (Unity 101)

– I’m Really In Love/ Think Right, ’64 (Lucky Token 108)

– It Won’t Be Long/ With Your Love To Guide Me, ’64 (Lil-Larry 1005) (No b-side scan.  There is a scan for this side on Unity 101B titled ‘With Your Love.’  The original is said to be on Lil-Larry.)


(As/youtube: Gms are Ray Daughtery; Charles Jackson; James Warren; and Horace Wooten.)


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