Lavenders Groups

Lavenders (Wisconsin) (Robin Lee & The) – Pretty Patti/ Walk Away, ’60 (Circle Dot 103) (Circle Dot is a Minneapolis label.  Robin Lee is Roger Schenzel from Merrill Wisc.)

as Lavenders – White Lightnin’ Effin’/ (They Call The Wind) Maria, ’63 (Cuca 1152)



Lavenders (Philadelphia)

– Slide/ Angel, ’61 (CR 1003) (Lead Cal Tilley)

– That Lucky Old Sun/ Cool It Down, ’61 (CR 1005) (Not in book.)


Lavenders (NY) – The Bells/ I Said Look ’61 (Lake 706)


Lavenders (Male/Female-Philadelphia) – One More Time/ One More, Once {I}, ’63 (Mercury 72126)

(Writing credits are: Huff/Jackson/Madara/White and Huff/Madara/White respectively.  The male vocal on the a-side is said to be Leon Huff.  The girl group vocalists are unidentified.  The flip is instrumental.)


Lavenders (NYC Girl Group) – This I Feel/ Daddy, Daddy, ’64 (Dot 16584)

(Writing credits are: H Bernstein/L Bartel on both sides. Herb Bernstein producer.)


Lavenders (Flushing NY) (Ernie Moralas & The) – Little Bit Of Everything/ I’m So Lonely, ’77 (Crystal Ball 100)


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