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Lyrics (Columbus Ohio) – Come On Home/ Why Don’t You Stop, ’57 (Vee-Jay 285)

Lyrics (Columbus Ohio) as The Falcons – My Only Love/ Now That It’s Over, ’57 (Falcon 1006, Quality 1721 & Abner 1006) (No scan for Quality.)



Lyrics (Ohio) as 5 Lyrics – My Honey Sweet Pea/ I’m Traveling Light, ’57 (Music City 799) (In book as Five Lyrics.)


Lyrics (Ohio) (Ike Perry & His)

– Star Steps To Heaven/ The Love Bug’s Got Me, ’58 (Bridge 110)

– I Got You Covered/ You Can Be My Honey (When You Get The Money), ’60 (Cowtown 801)

– In My Letter To You/ My Honey Sweet Pea, ’63 (Mama 1-2 & Mama 1074) (No info for Mama 1074)

– At The Party/ Don’t Let It Get You Down, ’63 (Mama 3614, Courier 828 & Naurline 100, ’65) (Naurline as Ike Perry & The Lyrics.)

– You Belong To Me/ It’s Too Soon To Know, ’79 (King Tut 180)

– God Must Have Sent You To Me/ Please Don’t Send Me Away, ’79 (King Tut 181)


Lyrics as Ike Terry [sic] & His Lyrics – She’s Got His Nose Wide Open/ Lovin Papa, ’65 (Bee 1875) (First Pressing)

Lyrics as Ike Perry & His Lyrics – She’s Got His Nose Wide Open/ Lovin’ Papa, ’65 (Ann 101)



Lyrics (NY) – I’m In Love/ You (Oo-Wee), ’58 (Hy-Tone 111)


Georgia Harris & The Lyrics (NY) – Let’s Exchange Hearts For Christmas, ’58 (Hy-Tone 111-AX)

Georgia Harris & The Hy-Tones Quartet  – It’s Time To Rock, ’58 (Hy•Tone 111)


Georgia Harris & The Lyrics (NY) – Let’s Exchange Hearts For Christmas/ Kiss Kiss Kiss, ’58 (Hy-Tone 117) (No scans found.)



Lyrics (St Louis MO) as Kenneth Churchill The Lyrics & Ike Turner Orch – Fate Of Rock And Roll/ Would You Rather, ’58 (Joyce 304) (No scan for B-side.)


Lyrics error – Did She Leave You/ Lovely Charms, ’58 (Marvels 1005)  (There is a mixup between label name and group name.  This is done by Marvells (w Scott Johnson Orch) on Magnet 1005.)



Carol Gray (BV Lyrics (San Francisco)-uncredited) – Cha-Cha Bop, ’58 (Rhythm 126) (Flip ‘Cha-Cha Baby’ by Ricardo Lewis & Orchestra.)


Lyrics (San Francisco) – Come Back Baby/ Every Night, ’59 (Rhythm 126-127) (Every Night-Writing credit-Wigfall.)


Rudy Lambert (BB Lyrics (San Francisco)-uncredited) – Sunday Kind Of Love/ That Old Feeling, ’58 (Rhythm 128)


Lyrics (San Francisco) backing Ida Valentine – Now That You’re Gone/ Why Did You Lie To Me, ’62 (Skylight 200) (Not in book.)


Leo Valentine (BB Lyrics (San Francisco)-uncredited) – Please Don’t Leave Me This Way/ Baby Doll, ’62 (Skylight 201) (Scans found.)


Lyrics (San Francisco) (William Wigfall & The) – Got To Get Along/ Come Back, ’62 (Skylight 202) (No b-side scan found.)


Rhythm #126 is issued twice.

FYI – This group does not sound like the Memphis Lyrics on Goldwax.  Listing error by book and some sources.



Lyrics (South Texas)

– Oh, Please Love Me/ The Girl I Love, ’59 (Harlem 101, Wildcat 0028 & Coral 62322, ’62)

– I Want To Know/ The Beating Of My Heart, ’59 (Harlem 104)


Lyrics (South Texas) – The Lyrics 1959-1960 Records, ’79 (Harlem HMLP 1006) (Not in book.)

Side 1: Lyrics’ Theme, Bad Boy, Lawdy Miss Clawdy, Maybe, Love And Affection.

Side 2: The Beating Of My Heart (Take 1), The Beating Of My Heart (Take 2), I Want To Know (Take 1), I Want To Know (Take 2), All Right, Oh, Please Love Me, The Girl I Love.


Liner notes tell more about the group and their members.

Note:  The book duplicated the label listing on Harlem #104.  There is no info asby the Lollypoppers (Aladdin) and the entry is out of sync with the Harlem timeline.  A photo of #104 by the Lyrics does appear on their album back cover.



Lyrics (Memphis)

– Let’s Bee [sic] Sweethearts Again/ You And Your Fellow, ’61 (Fernwood 233/234)

(The book listed the Fernwood #s as 129 and added a Fleetwood entry as #233.  Correction was made to the Fernwood # with no info found for the Fleetwood entry.)

– Crying Over You/ Down In The Alley, ’59 (Mid-South 1500)

– Darling/ How A Woman Does Her Man, ’63 ((Russell’s) Goldwax 101 & Goldwax 910)


Lyrics (Memphis) (w The Top Notes) – The Side Wind/ So Hard To Get Along, ’63 (Goldwax 105)

Lyrics (Memphis) (w The Top Notes) – So Hard To Get Along/ The Side Wind, ’64 (ABC-Paramount 10560)



Lyrics (Unknown Group) – I Can’t Get Along Without You/ Broken Love, ’62 (Dan-Tone 1002)


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