Ly-Dells & Related Groups & Lydells

Lydells (North Jersey) – There Goes The Boy/ Talking To Myself, ’59 (Pam 103 & Parkway 897, ’64)

  • Not included in the book was the release on Lost Nite 116 in 1961.
  • Sources say the above listing is their only recording and believe they are from North Jersey.  Another said the group was from Chicago.


Ly-Dells (Philadelphia)

– Genie Of The Lamp/ Teenage Tears, ’61 (Master 111)

– Wizard Of Love/ Let This Night Last, ’61 (Master 251)

– Book Of Songs/ Hear That Train, ’62 (SCA 18001)

– Karen/ Doing The Wiggle Wobble, ’63 (Roulette 4493)

– Three Little Monkeys/ Playing Hide And Seek, ’64 (Southern Sound 122)

– Sherry/ Little Lover, ’78 (King Tut 177)

  • Scans found.

– Book Of Songs/ Let This Night Last, ’81 (Clifton 67)


as Four Casts – Stormy Weather/ Workin’ At The Factory, ’64 (Atlantic 2228)


as Len-Dells – (Don’t Be A) Litterbug/ Maryann (Can I Come Over Tonight), ’64 (Reach 2)


Ly-Dells (Philadelphia) – Clifton LP 2002, ’81

Side One: Wizard Of Love, Karen (released version), Teenage Tears, Sherry, Hiding Seek, Book Of Songs, Doing The Wiggle Wobble, Don’t Be A Litterbug.

Side Two: Genie Of The Lamp, Stormy Weather, Little Lover, Let This Night Last, Three Little Monkeys, Karen (Unreleased version), Hear That Train, Maryann.


2 thoughts on “Ly-Dells & Related Groups & Lydells

  1. Song (Don’t Be A) Litterbug/Maryann (Can I Come Over Tonight)
    wasn’t released until March of 1966 As With most of Reach Records

    • Thanks for your comment about the Len-Dells dating on ‘Reach.’ The book dated the recordings as 1964. There are various Ly-Dells discographies by other sources on the net with the 1964 date for the Len-Dells release on ‘Reach.’

      With that said, discographies are generally a collection of material. Dating volleys between recorded date, released dated, reviews and charting, without an accepted consensus for all material. The ‘Reach’ releases are doowop songs and likely recorded before 1966.

      If you have the ‘Reach Records’ discography, I can change the posts to include the two dates, one (Recorded 1964) and ’66 as the label release. Can you send this in a reply to this comment?

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