Love Tones, Lovetones & Love-Tones

Love Tones (Raymond Pope & The) – I Love Nadine/ Star, ’62 (Squalor 1312-3)

  • Scans found.


Lovetones Groups


Lovetones (NY-Plus Label) – Take It Easy Baby/ Talk To An Angel, ’56 (Plus 108)

  • Male group
  • Writing credits on both sides: Mathis.


Lovetones error – It’s Mighty Easy/ I Want You Now, ’61 (Marlo 1515)

  • Scan confirms titles by Cove-Tones (ft Marty Swayze).


Lovetones (NY-Love-Tone Label) – You Can Tell That This Is Christmas/ When I Asked My Love, ’62 (Love-Tone 101)

  • Neither side is on youtube yet (August 31, 2020).


Lovetones (NY Label-White Plains) – For Your Love/ So Strange, ’74 (Barrier 100)

  • Male group.
  • Very 70s-style doowop.


Love-Tones Groups


Gino Parks (BV Love-Tones) – Fire/ For This I Thank You, ’62 (Tamla 54066)


Mary Wells (BV The Love-Tones) – You Beat Me To The Punch/ Old Love (Let’s Try It Again), ’62 (Motown 1032)


Mary Wells (BV Andantes, Love-Tones) – Laughing Boy, ’63 (Motown 1039)

Mary Wells – Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right (No Group), ’63 (Motown 1039)


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