Love Notes, Lovenotes & Related Groups

Love Notes (Boston)

– Surrender Your Heart/ Get On My Train, ’53 (Imperial 5254)

– Crawling, ’53 (Family Library Of Recorded Music EP 1040 A1)

(Per Marv Goldberg, Crawlin’ was mistitled on label as Crawling.)

– You’re Mine, ’53 (Family Library Of Recorded Music EP 1040 B2)

I’m Sorry/ Sweet Lulu, ’54 (Riviera 970 & Rainbow 266) (No scan for Sweet Lulu on Rainbow 266.)

– Since I Fell For You/ Don’t Be No Fool, ’54 (Riviera 975)



Most Love Notes (NY) members started as the Ivories (First Group).  After the Love Notes, a new group of Ivories was formed and some of those members became the Ivoleers.


Ivories (First Group) (& The Sampson Horton Orchestra) – Alone/ Baby, Send A Letter, ’55 (Jaguar 3019) (No scan for b-side.)

Ivories (First Group) (& The Steve Pulliam Orchestra) – Alone/ Baby Send A Letter, ’56 (Jaguar 3023) (Both Songs were re-sung on this release.)


Love Notes (NY)

– Tonight/ United, ’57 (Holiday 2605)

– If I Could Make You Mine/ Don’t Go, ’57 (Holiday 2607)


Ivories (Second Group) – Me And You/ I’m In Love, ’57 (Mercury 71239)

Ivoleers – Lovers’ [sic] Quarrel/ Come With Me, ’59 (Buzz 101)



Love Notes (Ithaca NY) (Sybil Love & The) – I Love You Darling/ No More Tears, ’61 (Valex 505) (See comment for scan links.)



Love Notes (Broadway NY)

– Our Songs Of Love/ Nancy (my love), ’63 (Wilshire 200) (Lower case on (my love)/label.)

– Gloria/ Mathematics Of Love, ’64 (Wilshire 203)



Candy & The Kisses as Honey Love & The Love Notes (Philly) – We Belong Together/ Mary Ann, ’65 (Cameo 380)

(Group members were the Candy & The Kisses trio plus Harriet Laverne.)



Lovenotes (Unknown Origin) – A Love Like Yours/ Never Look Behind, ’57 (Premium 611) (This is the first pressing.)


Trueloves – A Love Like Yours/ Never Look Behind, ’57 (Premium 611)

Book lists the A-side as ‘A Love Like Ours’ for both groups on Premium 411.  Label scans were found for Lovenotes ‘Never Look Behind’ on Premium 611.

Scans were found for Trueloves on Premium 611 A-side as ‘A Love Like Yours.’ 


Trueloves as True Loves

– A Love Like Yours, ’94 (Relic CD 7087 #2)

– Never Look Behind, ’94 (Relic Cd 7087 #14)

Not listed in book. 


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