Love Notes, Lovenotes & Related Groups

Love Notes (Boston)

– Crawling, ’53 (Family Library Of Recorded Music EP 1040 A1)

  • As/ Marv Goldberg, Crawlin’ was mistitled on label as Crawling.

– You’re Mine, ’53 (Family Library Of Recorded Music EP 1040 B2) 

– Get On My Train/ Surrender Your Heart, ’53 (Imperial 5254)

I’m Sorry/ Sweet Lulu, ’54 (Riviera 970 & Rainbow 266)

– Since I Fell For You/ Don’t Be No Fool, ’54 (Riviera 975)


Most Love Notes (NY) members started as the Ivories (First Group).

  • After the Love Notes, a new group of Ivories was formed and some of those members became the Ivoleers.


Ivories (First Group) (& The Sampson Horton Orchestra) – Alone/ Baby, Send A Letter, ’55 (Jaguar 3019)

  • No scan for B-side.


Ivories (First Group) (& The Steve Pulliam Orchestra) – Alone/ Baby Send A Letter, ’56 (Jaguar 3023)

  • Both Songs were re-sung on this release.


Love Notes (NY)

– Tonight/ United, ’57 (Holiday 2605)

– If I Could Make You Mine/ Don’t Go, ’57 (Holiday 2607)


Ivories (Second Group) – Me And You/ I’m In Love, ’57 (Mercury 71239)

Ivoleers – Lovers’ [sic] Quarrel/ Come With Me, ’59 (Buzz 101)


Love Notes (Ithaca NY) (Sybil Love & The) – I Love You Darling/ No More Tears, ’61 (Valex 505)

  • See comment for scan links.


Love Notes (Broadway NY)

– Our Songs Of Love/ Nancy (my love), ’63 (Wilshire 200)

  • Lower case on (my love)/label.

– Gloria/ Mathematics Of Love, ’64 (Wilshire 203)


Candy & The Kisses as Honey Love & The Love Notes (Philly) – We Belong Together/ Mary Ann, ’65 (Cameo 380)

  • Group members were the Candy & The Kisses trio plus Harriet Laverne.


Lovenotes (Unknown Origin) – A Love Like Yours/ Never Look Behind, ’57 (Premium 611)

  • This is the first pressing.


Trueloves – A Love Like Yours/ Never Look Behind, ’57 (Premium 611)

Note: Book lists the A-side as ‘A Love Like Ours’ for both groups on Premium 411.

  • Scans are credited under both names on Premium 611. 


as True Loves

– A Love Like Yours, ’94 (Relic CD 7087 #2)

– Never Look Behind, ’94 (Relic Cd 7087 #14)

  • Relic CD 7087 was not listed in book. 


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